2 Easy Ways to Make Money Writing Online [2018]

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If you have a passion for blogging, then you may have a passion for writing as well. If that is the case, then you can easily learn how to make money writing online.

It is possible you’re thinking “but how much could that bring?”. Well, depending on your level of expertise, you could get up to $1000 per article you write.

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However, I am NOT saying you’ll do that at the end of the article. It will take some time to get the ball rolling enough to raise your rates that much.

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In this article, I will list out the two of the best ways you can start making money writing online. These will allow you to start your freelance business and scale it slowly.

1 – Online Job Sites:

There are many websites out there that offer you the possibility of getting hired as a freelance content writer. You can apply or receive offers to work with potential clients. This means that you can easily start making money writing online as soon as you have your account set up and approved.

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First up is Upwork. This is a famous website where freelancers and clients looking for them hang out. It is not specific for content writers only, but many people use this service to find and work with freelance writers all the time.

You can create an account on Upwork, set up your profile, and start applying for jobs that you are able to do.

It is recommended that you take some of the online tests to increase your chances of landing clients through the service.

The most important tip is that you should always overdeliver when using Upwork’s services. If you deliver the article on time (or even before), showing you’ve gone the extra mile to perfect the job, you can rest assured they will hire you back.

Are you struggling to get more traffic and leads without breaking the bank? Get my Pinterest Traffic Playbook for free, showing how I've driven 1.5 million pageviews to my websites with a unique Pinterest strategy that you can replicate.


This service is closely similar to Upwork except that iWriter is specifically for online content writers looking to make money online. All the people you find on this site are freelance content writers.

That means that the competition to land the next client is pretty strong and you always have to be on your best day to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

On iWriter, you can earn up to $80 per 500 words. They are tiers of writers, and your goal would be to show your capabilities to become a top-tier writer as soon as you can.

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The downside of both iWriter and Upwork is that they are not all the time accepting newcomers. Upwork allows you to create the account, but you don’t get instantly approved as a freelancer although you can always use the account to navigate their website. I recommend you take those online tests as you wait for approval.

iWriter also does not accept all content writers. You need to submit an application to join, and you should do so only when they announce they’re accepting new content writers.

Job boards

Job boards are basically sites like Upwork, but they are on blogs and don’t require any special requirement to find a freelance writing job. Among the best job boards for writers, you find Problogger’s Job Board and BloggingPro’s Job Board.

The two blogs are known as industry leaders in the blogging niche. Therefore, their audience is mostly bloggers who may be looking for help writing new content for their blogs.

You can browse these job boards and pick the gigs that seem to be the best one for you. There is no minimum pay or maximum pay here. The better you are, the more you may ask for. But you need to be careful that your client is also willing to pay that much.

2 – Social Media for Freelance Writers

Social media is heavily misused by freelancers in general. These platforms offer you the possibility to connect directly with potential clients. You won’t have to pay a service fee as the money goes straight to your account.

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Twitter is mostly known for quick news that spread like fire in a forest. The best thing about that is, if you know how to use Twitter, you will find tons of opportunities to land freelance content writing clients.

All you have to do is follow industry leaders and other content writers. These will, once in a while, tweet about “looking for writers” and you can get the opportunity.

You can also check the latest tweets using hashtag related to clients looking to hire freelance writers. Among these hashtags are:

  • #Write_Jobs
  • #WhoPaysWriters
  • #Jobs_Twitters

You have to make sure that the tweets are fairly new, though. You should have your pitch always ready to impress your future client. When you use Twitter this effectively, you will never have to struggle for finding clients.

Facebook Groups

Still on social media, Facebook groups are among the best tools to do almost everything online, including landing freelance writing jobs.

Among the many mistakes new freelancers make is only joining freelancer groups. These groups are useful for learning tricks and tips about landing jobs, but they don’t actually have job opportunities for you.

What you need is to join groups where entrepreneurs and online bloggers hang out. You can start with Pat Flynn’s The Smart Passive Income Community or Rebecca Dickson’s Build Your Rebellion.

The goal is to engage with the community helpfully and make yourself available for the next job opportunity.

You don’t need to limit yourself to these two groups alone. You can join as many as you want, just make sure they have active members and that there is a possibility to make money writing online thanks to these groups.

Be Out There!

The last item of this list is basically all the five items above plus more. What I mean by that is that instead of focusing all your effort on Freelancing website, job boards, and social media groups, you should leave some for personal branding.

On your Facebook and Twitter profile, you can announce that you’re looking for writing jobs and accepting new clients. If you have a good number of entrepreneur and bloggers on your friend’s list, someone may know someone who’s looking for a content writer such as yourself.

I can even suggest that you create your own blog, optimize it, and use it as a portfolio to showcase your writing skill.

Basically, the more you’re out there for potential clients to find you, the more chances you will have to make money writing online.


These are some of the best ways to make money writing online. As a rule, you need to be available and easily found on all possible places where your potential clients may be hanging out. If that means being on Upwork, then that is where you should be.

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