21 Frugal Living Tips to Save More Money and Improve Your Finances

frugal living tips

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“Being frugal doesn’t mean being cheap.”

Have you heard the word ‘Frugal living?’ Do you know about it? If not, then don’t worry because today in this article we are going to share amazing stuff about frugal living, and how you can enjoy the perks of living in that way. So, continue reading this article because we have more to share with you.

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What Is Frugal Living?

Frugal living is just to manage your resources. It is playing an essential role in our day to day routine. Many people are worried about their bills because the cost of living is getting high every year due to bad economic conditions. This worry-some behavior leads them towards the nervous breakdown because they are ill towards managing their expenses, but not anymore!

How To Be Frugal Without Being Cheap?

Living frugally doesn’t mean living cheap it is just living resourcefully. Economic conditions play an essential role in one’s life. Financial stability plays a vital role in a healthy and stable life. If a person is not independent in terms of his money-related decisions, then that person can lead towards a depressed life. Frugal living style doesn’t mean deprived living or living a low standard life. It is just related to living a happy and manageable life.

Every person has its own definition related to being living frugally; in most of the cases, society plays a vital role in shaping the overall behavior of its members. There are a lot of people who experienced a frugal lifestyle and enjoy a successful life. Some common tips from the inventory of the frugal alumni are mentioned below:

The Best Frugal Living Tips For You

Here are some amazing tips to live and promote a frugal living. We have tried our best to list up the best tips that you can easily adopt to enjoy frugal living. So, continue reading article because there is a lot more to share.

  1.     Create a budget that works for your lifestyle:

Creating a budget is the most crucial step leading towards the adaptation of the frugal lifestyle. Main part of the frugal lifestyle is to cut all the unnecessary expenses that are not fruitful in life. If someone is following the budget strictly, then he is on the right path because, in the long run, he is well aware of its need, he is capable of distinguishing between the assets and liabilities. Key to managing the resources is to make a constructive and realistic budget.

  1.     Increase Debt Repayments:

Frugal lifestyle leads people towards economic stability. By adopting this lifestyle, people are more aware of their expenses. They take keen interest in saving money, and one of the primary sources of expense is to pay the interests on loans, adaptation of this living standards helps to save a lot of money form the unnecessary expenditures, and this saved amount give liberty to take bold steps and pay the loans once for all, and this attitude gives them confidence and liberty. Saving money from paying interests is the pivot point in financial stability.

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  1.     Find Ways To Make Extra Money:

Today we are living in an age of information, and this era of advancement provides endless opportunities to earn money. There are thousands of ways to provide services for some extra dollars, and these extra dollars helps a lot to pay bills. Some of the prominent ways to earn extra cash are through blogs, virtual guidance, and freelancing. These means helps a lot in developing the skills, most of the people earn money while traveling is the perfect example of a frugal lifestyle. This extra money allows people to invest more in their dreams.

  1.     Diversification Of Economic Resources:

A most efficient way to successfully live the frugal lifestyle is to diversify your income resources. As someone said, “Don’t keep all balls in one bucket.” This proverb perfectly suits the situation. Most of the successful people invest on the fertile grounds rather than on the futile grounds. They spend their money on the multiple ventures because if one area dried up than the other comes forward to bail him out. Diversification helps the people to always remain on the safe side, this independency helps them not to borrow any money or take loans at the time of need.

  1.     Invest In Assets, Not On Liabilities:

Concept of assets and liabilities is different for different people, but according to the universal principle, the things that give returns or generate income are counted as assets. In other words, these are the helping hands to bail out in an emergency situation. While liabilities are those things that are the burden on the income or we called them luxury items. To live a frugal lifestyle, one should be more concentrated to increase its means of revenue rather than increase the ways of expenses.

  1.     Reduce Your Grocery Bills:

Grocery is the basic need for everyone to run the operations of his life. It is a crucial part of our expenses. So it is necessary to figure out the things of our basic need and try to invest in the most essential items. There are many ways to save money on groceries because many brands or stories offer their monthly deals, one should be vigilant enough to be benefitted from these promotional offers. By reducing grocery bills, we can easily save money for our other goals to accomplish. Some different apps or websites can assist in terms of promotional activities.

  1.     Coupons:

It is the interest rate on the bond. It helps a lot to get extra benefits because it is something like a discount. By using coupons efficiently, one should reduce its monthly expenses to about 25%, and this is a lot of money. This saved money helped to invest cash on some productive field from where some extra cash is generated by economic activity. Many businesses offer a high number of discounts in terms of coupons. They are offering items or services in an exchange of coupons, this will surely save extra dollars.

  1.     Pay For Gifts With Gift Cards:

In this digitalized world, it is easy to earn benefits from the virtual world. We are a social animal, and we have to make our interactions with other humans. To make our society suitable to live, we have to be part of someone’s special moments. In terms of financial, these special moments cost us a huge burden on our budget to buy gifts. The most frugal way is to purchase gifts by using gifts cards, and these gift cards can be earned from online sources. By using this method, we present a donation to our loved ones without putting extra pressure on our monthly budget.

  1.     Prepare For Big Events:

Special events like Christmas put an extra burden on our routinely budget. Smart move in this sphere is that we should prepare ourselves at-least six months before that event. It is easy to allocate money into the saving account each month. This will surely bailout from the economic pressure and encouraged the sense of independence and satisfaction. If a person is stable economically, then he does not hesitate towards the family dinners.

  1. Save An Emergency Fund:

This world is like a roller-coaster, there are many ups and downs in life. The simplest solution to face these hurdles is to be prepared for any such calamity. It would be convenient to have money in the emergency fund that can bail out you from the disastrous circumstances. This timely preparedness saves you from borrowing money or getting loans at high-interest rates that would eventually collapse your whole economic system. This mental stress leads towards the nervous breakdown or threatened the self- esteem. An emergency fund is very essential for the confidence-building measures in one’s personality.

  1. Avoid debt where possible:

Debt is a trap, and it’s hard to overcome from it. A frugal lifestyle is effortless and calculated to run the daily life operations one should need to be organized. Many circumstances lead to a debt trap. One such way to avoid this trap is to have balanced emergency fund that helps at the time of need. Some people leased the luxury items and pay their installments with the high interest every month, this way of further debt damage the economic system and affect the monthly home budget.

  1. Downsizing Your Home:

It would be easy to run a house under the available resources in an organized way rather than judging the limits in an unorganized way. Large house needs ample resources to make it functional, so it would be convenient while adopting the fugal lifestyle shift in a small house that would be sufficient to fulfill the needs of the family. Most of the families believed that less stuff in the house makes more room, and this spare space is sufficient to run the household operations. Moreover, a small house is easy to manage, and it doesn’t put any extra pressure on the monthly budget.

frugal living tips

  1. Decluttering Your Possessions:

This world is full of expensive things, but the matter of the fact is that we often don’t require too many stuff to live a happy life. Most of the people want to travel around the world, so by adopting the fugal lifestyle, they possess less stuff and start living by using important or necessary things. They buy cost-effective things and spend less on luxury items. There are many ways in this department such as we sell old items when we feel that there is no need for this, and by selling it, we generate some extra dollars.

  1. Manage Utilities:

It is the most crucial part of the monthly budget, a major chunk of the money is used for their payments. By adopting the fugal lifestyle person used to live under the smart choices of life and remove unnecessary things from life. Electricity, phone, or fuel are the basic amenities for running the operations of life, to save money in this sphere is used the services efficiently and effectively. If we roughly used these utilities, then it costs a lot and unbalances our monthly budget.

  1. Meal Planning:

It is one of the most crucial things that catch the major chunk of our salary. According to many researchers, by managing our eating habits, we save thousands of dollars every year. If we eat healthy than we have to spend less on food items. Home-cooked food cost less than unhealthy fast food for the market. Outside food cause health issues and that further increase our hospital bills and unbalance our monthly budget. As someone says, “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” A healthy choice of food leads towards a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Wash Your Clothes In Cold Water:

There are some tips which may have a minimal contribution to our goal to live a frugal lifestyle, but these habits are important to lead our life in the right direction. If we use cold water as compared to hot water, then we could save the extra dollars that we have to pay in terms of our utility bills. Fuel is required to boil the water or get it hot, and that causes unnecessary pressure on our bills. These small steps help us to manage our balance sheet

  1. Switch To Homemade Cleaners:

Most of the washing detergents have high costs, and these high costs exert extra pressure on our groceries bills. So it would be convenient to use homemade or locally made detergent to wash the clothes. This step costs us less while accomplishing our purpose.

  1. Use Refill Water Bottles:

Water is the basic need of every human being to survive on this planet. Due to increase in population and industrialization, most of our water resources are depleting near major cities or contaminated by the pollutants. To keep life operations up and running, we need water, so water companies sell water bottles at high costs. To reduce our dependency on water bottles, we have to use refill water bottles, in this way we cut the huge value that we have to bear in this discipline.

  1. Entertainment:

It is the crucial need for a happy life to have entertainment in life. Definition of the show varies from people to people, some people prefer outdoor activities like hiking, cliff diving or sports while other groups prefer partying or clubbing, etc. The former have to spend less to make memories, and these methods have a positive effect on their life, and the later has to spend more and buy costly beverages and drinks to be happy. To adopt a frugal lifestyle, we have to adopt outdoor activities to get rid of our daily routines.

  1. Traveling:

It costs a lot to the potential travelers, in fugal lifestyle we have to adopt eco-friendly traveling options such as cycling to move in the vicinity, and for remote locations we have to use public transport rather than buy a luxury car and bound the money which can be used to achieve other goals in our life such as traveling around the world.

  1. Manage priorities:

Prioritization is the key to lead a happy and stable fugal life. It is crucial to achieve the long term goals and manage the resources appropriately and effectively.


Frugal lifestyle is the simplest way to live a happy and stable life. It is the key to develop particular skills to excel in life. All of the above tips help a lot in terms of managing resources. Our common cause is to transfer a sustainable future to our younger generations; for this, we have to organize our resources in the best possible way. It is time to generate passive income by working online, the opportunities are waiting for you to support frugal lifestyle. I hope this article will help you in understanding the basic concept of frugal living. Don’t forget to share if you something informative.


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