7 Free Courses for Bloggers and Business Owners

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If you are new to owning your own blog or business, chances are, you probably don’t have much working capital to start with. Furthermore, spending money as a beginner is not a good idea, as you may not know what you should spend it on.

It’s best to find out the things you need and, more specifically, where you need to focus your time and energy to ensure that you make the most progress in the least amount of time possible.  Fortunately, there are tons of free courses around the internet that will build you a solid foundation. Without further ado, let’s dive into our top, 7 free courses for bloggers and business owners.

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Now, before jumping into the 7 main courses, I wanted to make sure you knew about my personal blogging resources for you. You can read my post on how to start a profitable blog, as well as check out my free 5 day blogging and traffic primer course. I also have my premium, more advanced Blogging and Traffic Masterclass if you’re really serious.

1. Beginner Blogger Bootcamp

First, on the list of our 7 free courses for bloggers and business owners, is a free program called Beginner Blogger Bootcamp.  This program, which is taught by Krista who is the founder of Blog Beautifully, takes a total newbie by the hand and shows them how to get up and running with their very, first blog.

One of the most, important things that she goes over is how to write quality content, and according to Google, content is KING! She also mentions a bit about branding, how to build a website that is functional, and how to make an online presence by standing out via the Social Media avenues. It is recommended for any beginners to start with this course, as Krista is sure to point them in the right direction.

You can check out beginner blogger bootcamp here.

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2. #ColorCourse

free courses for bloggers and business owners

Next, we have a free course called #ColorCourse. Miranda Nahmias, the creator of this course, really knows her stuff and just how important colors are on your blog. With each color comes a certain type of energy and with this in mind, it is important to keep this in mind for your visitors who visit and read your blog.

Not only do colors serve in the contrasting and allowing your audience to read your blog much better, but on a more, psychological standpoint, they make your audience feel a certain way. You want your blog to give off an energy that is welcoming to your viewer, and you want them to feel happy, safe and right at home like they should. Best of all, you want a sense of trust resonating from your blog and this goes a long way as your audience will continue to look at you as a trusted authority on your chosen topic.

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You can check out #colorcourse here.

KICKSTART – Freelance Writing Business

Third on our list of 7 free courses for bloggers and business owners, we have a program called KICKSTART Your Freelance Writing Biz, which was created by Gina Horkey. One thing that writers really struggle with is something called Writer’s Block. Especially for the newbie writers and bloggers, it is very common. Writer’s Block is the inability to think of a specific topic to write about and overcoming this is the main focus of Gina Horkey’s KICKSTART course.

According to: https://horkeyhandbook.com/freecourse/?affiliate_token=665393, one of the participants of this course reported that he greatly surpassed his funding goal after taking this course. That being said, KICKSTART would be a great course for you if you are looking to start small with freelancing and grow it into an online agency where you would have many people working in your business.

You can check out KICKSTART here.
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SEO Spring Cleaning

free courses for bloggers and business owners

Regardless if you are aspiring to be a blogger, or a business owner, you will need to dive into some Search Engine Optimization SEO at one point or another. Because of the learning curve, many beginners tend to overlook SEO – not such a great idea. The great thing about SEO is that when you finally do learn how to rank for a specific keyword, you can rinse and repeat the process to see your blog traffic increase by the boatload.

This is where SEO Spring Cleaning comes in. This course which is taught by the creator, Caileigh, shows you how to develop a “Killer” SEO strategy for your creative blog or business in just 5 days. She smoothes out the learning curve and really dumbs it down for even the most-complete newbie to understand. Caileigh knows the power of incorporating SEO in blogs and if you were smart, you’d definitely pick this one up.

You can check out SEO spring cleaning here.

House Of Brazen

The #1 reason as to why anyone should start their own blog is for the fact that they will invest their time and energy into creating what’s called a passive income. In Elise McDowell’s: House of Brazen: Build Your Profitable Sales Funnel, this is exactly what she shows you how to do.

Great thing about Elise is that she mentions that she’s an advocate of making money while she sleeps – which would be a great feeling for anyone. According to her course over at: http://www.houseofbrazen.com/free-passive-income-course she states that her course will take you by the hand and show you how to go from zero to $300, $500 or all the way up to $1,000 days. If you’re not enrolled in this course yet, you better pick this one up while you still can.

You can check out House of Brazen here.

Instagram Authority

free courses for bloggers and business owners

In case you haven’t heard, the Instagram world has exploded, exponentially. At the tap of your finger on your phone screen, you can instantly check messages, notifications and see any pictures that have been posted by your followers. This is why you should focus on mastering Instagram and with Alex Tooby’s Instagram Authority course, you will do just that.

According to the article at: http://www.momsmakecents.com/blog/free-courses-for-bloggers, Alex Tooby grew her Instagram account to over 360K followers in one year. That’s averaging over 30k followers every month. Anyone who is getting this kind of exposure and building a following this quick, you’d bet that she has a ton of value to offer to you and your business.

You can check out Instagram Authority here.

Infopreneur In 5

Lastly, we have Infopreneur In 5, which was created by Regina. Without a doubt, the best way to make the most money in anything that you promote online is to be an Infopreneur and make your own info products. Not to mention that the commissions are 100% your profit, but because you are your best promoter, all of your time and effort is focused on building your brand.

In Regina’s short, 5 day class, she shows you the ins and outs of ebooks, and reveals how you can find the topic/niche on which you can teach. It’s great to find a topic on which you are passionate about and that is the best part of Regina’s program

You can check out Infopreneur in 5 here.


To sum it all up, you have made a smart decision by choosing to employ yourself and be a blogger and business owner. We have given you our 7 free courses for bloggers and business owners and in our opinion, they will be great resources to build the foundation of your entrepreneurial journey.

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