77 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs to Build a Recurring Income Online

77 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

Have you been searching for a side gig that will make you some extra money but you just don’t have enough time to work a part-time job?

Are you tired of never having enough money for the things that you want to buy or do? Maybe you have student loans to pay for or you are thinking of saving up for a house or another large purchase.

If any of this sounds like your situation, you might be missing out on some great ways to earn extra income that will not sap your energy or eat up what little free time you have available.

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best recurring affiliate programs

What is an Affiliate Program?

Affiliate programs or affiliate marketing is the promotion of products and services on your blog, your Youtube channel or your website. Affiliate links direct shoppers from your audience to products and services that are being sold or offered by others.

You might be paid via clicks on a link, but more often you will be compensated a commission from each sale that takes place because your site directed someone to a product or service that they then purchased.

There are many types of affiliate programs and they pay based on different models. Recurring commission affiliate programs are often the best recurring affiliate programs because they pay a commission, not just one time, but repeatedly.

These programs might offer residual or lifetime payments and they can be sources of recurring referrals or recurring passive income.

Traditional affiliate programs will pay per click or will pay per item or service purchased. Some affiliate programs, such as Amazon’s, will pay you commission on all items purchased with the affiliate linked item that you shared with your audience.

There are pros and cons to all of these models.

Ways to Leverage Affiliate Programs

There are many ways to drive traffic to your affiliate links, but some feel more natural than others. 

  • Include them on your resources page.

If you have a blog or website that offers up a resources section or page, you can add your affiliate program links to this section so that your audience can seem all of them at once and not have to hunt through content to find links.

Many online shoppers will not be inclined to make the effort to find a link in an article again, so combining all your affiliate offerings in one central location can be a great way to ramp up traffic on your affiliate links.

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  • Use affiliate links in your blog posts.

Blogs often feel personal and can be a great way to share advice and tips and tricks.

Dropping affiliate links into your blog posts can be a great way to link to the best recurring affiliate programs without seeming like you are forcing people to buy things.

  • Do product or service reviews.

If you have a blog or website, you can offer your audience product reviews that will be personal and will share the pros and cons of your affiliate partners’ products in an easy to digest way.

Reviews feel much more personal in videos than in writing, but that does not mean that blog review posts cannot generate lots of clicks on affiliate links.

What is important with this style of affiliate promotion is that your tone feels personal and friendly and that you do not seem like you are trying to sell products for a living.

It is always best to be honest in your review as well. Your audience will be able to tell if you are lying.

  • Include in emails.

Adding affiliate links to your email signature or including links in the body of informational emails to your audience can be a great way to leverage affiliate marketing without seeming disingenuous. 

  • Make How to Videos.

Tutorials and How-To style videos can be another great way to essentially do a review of a product or service in your affiliate program that will not feel forced or like you are being hard sell about an item.

People love to learn about new products and services without having to be the first person to try them out.

There are many, many affiliate programs available, but not all of them are worth your energy and time.

For some great options, don’t miss out on our list of the best 5 traffic sources to grow your blog, website or email list!

If you have wanted to try out affiliate marketing but have not been sure where to start, our list of the best recurring affiliate programs will help you to get started!

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs to Build a Recurring Income Online

1. AWeber:

If you do most of your marketing through email, AWeber will be a great fit for you. Their circle of businesses amounts to around 100,000 small businesses worldwide and their platform helps to keep your emails sharps while also keeping your subscribers connected with the products that you need them to view. AWeber is perfect for email marketers as it helps you to track your clicks and your sales while also keeping your content fresh and you audience engaged. Fresh templates and easy to use newsletter functions make adding affiliate information a snap.

2. LeadPages:

If you want to try one of the best recurring commission affiliate programs without much risk, LeadPages is for you. They offer a 14-day trial which can be paid either monthly or annually.  LeadPages leverages email lists and helps you to collect new subscribers each day. It offers a 30% recurring commission as well, which is a great motivator for a reasonable value.

3. Clickfunnels:

If you want 40% recurring commissions, this is the right affiliate program for you. Clickfunnels offers a great user-friendly dashboard and the program generates leads for you as well. This is a great median step for those who have used affiliate marketing before and are ready for the next level while also being effective enough to be perfect for those who are really experienced with affiliate marketing.

4. Activetrail:

This program offers 15% monthly commission. The program pays for sign-ups and sales. This is one of the best recurring affiliate programs out there.

If you are already experienced at internet marketing, web design or other forms of internet sales, this is a great program for you to get connected with. You will get 15% commission each month by driving new customers to sign up with affiliate partners. This affiliate program has superior access to marketing materials which will save you lots of time when you are generating content and working toward the promotion of affiliates.

5. Benchmark:

This program offers 25% commission each month on each referral.  This program uses banner ads and text links to promote products and services for the program.

6. ActiveCampaign:

This great program offers an amazing 20-30% commission.  It is a great fit for those who already have a large audience and who are driving lots of clicks and purchases through their affiliate links already but want to make more money off their efforts to drive traffic. This is a recurring commission plan and there are no extra fees associated with signing up. If you are a pro at promotion, this is one of the best recurring affiliate programs.

7. Ontraport:

This is a referral program that works best for those who are good at networking and who are able to drive traffic consistently via pre-made ads as well as links. This affiliate program pays 25% commission and offers added perks and additional payment opportunities related to monthly sales numbers and loyalty to the program. They offer a unique perks program that rewards you for your success beyond just your sales commissions.

8. ConvertKit:

ConvertKit pays 30% recurring commission and offers tiered loyalty benefits. The program offers many tools and services to help you to leverage your audience and to get the most from your links and conversions. If you are good at conversion, this is one of the best recurring affiliate programs for your needs.

9. BuilderSEO:

BuilderSEO is the perfect platform to use if you are ready to build and grow your online business. It is one of the best platforms to use if you want lots of tool as well as 30% recurring payments from your affiliate links. Because there are so many included tools to help you to maximize your earnings, this is one of the most affordable and most effective affiliate programs on offer.

10. AccessWP:

If you have a WordPress blog or you are planning to start one, this is the right affiliate program for you. Specifically designed for the WordPress platform, this affiliate program works perfectly to link products and services to your blog pages.  It offers a monthly subscription plan which makes it low risk and low cost of entry as well. This program offers 10% recurring lifetime commission which is quite good for a blog affiliate program.

11. pCloud:

For many people who generate content for a living, a good backup drive is everything. Having to recreate content from scratch is a waste of time and resources that could be given to new projects. pCloud offers 20% recurring commission is you use their service and help to promote it. This is a great example of an affiliate that benefits you as well as benefitting your affiliates. 

12. Rosehosting:

This is a commission per action program and uses percentage-based commissions.  The program offers support tools and complete client support as well. This program offers banners and text links for you use and helps convert sales into continuing traffic.

13. Landingi:

Using a slightly different tactic than the aforementioned options, this affiliate program uses a landing page to drive clicks and sales for you and the affiliate program.  Using links that drive traffic to your page first helps you to grow your audience while also generating clicks and sales for the affiliates that are linked through Landingi. If you are already used to using landing pages can make this is one of the best recurring affiliate programs for you!

14. Liquidweb:

Referrals payout on this program and can pay as much as $1500 per sale! An added bonus is that cookies last for 90 days on this program. Liquidweb offers many different kinds of affiliate marketing tools and can really diversify your marketing options.

15. Elegant Themes:

Paying out a 50% commission when added to a WordPress blog, this program uses banners and text links to generate clicks and sales. Any customers that sign up for the program generate a 50% commission. This is a perfect addition to any WordPress blog.

16. Sendlane:

Sendlane pays 30% recurring commission and offers a 14-day free trial. This program offers partnership with you, both offering your support and helping you to help others in your network.

17. National Processing:

One of the better-known affiliate programs, National Processing offers added benefits once you reach improved loyalty levels with your sales and referrals. They also offer 25-70% recurring commission based on your tier. This is a great program if you have lots of contacts already and want to benefit more from leveraging your links and sales.

18. ChitChatChimp:

A chatbot app, this program offers 50% one-time commission and then offers 10% recurring commissions. If you have a chat bot that is working hard for you already, this affiliate program is for you! An added bonus to this program is that if pays you for diverted sales that are generated by your bot as well.

19. MailerLite:

MailerLite pays for clicks as well as sales. Commission is 30% monthly recurring.

20. Getresponse:

This program offers a free 30-day trial and 33% monthly recurring commissions for referrals. You get $100 per account referred.

21. CSSIgniter Themes and Plugins:

WordPress is a great platform to add affiliate programs to your content and this is a program that generates 50% commission for each sale and offers renewal commissions. Cookie duration on this program is 180 days, which is really excellent.

22. ZenWP:

Boasting one of the most generous programs out there, ZenWP offers 8% commissions for customer’s monthly subscriptions and every 100th referral pays out $3000. The program uses a 30-day cookie duration as well. This is a great tie in for your WordPress blog and is one of the best recurring affiliate programs for WordPress.

23. Thrive Themes:

This program offers 25% recurring commission and 35% commissions on purchases. If you have an audience built around specific products and services that you know and love, this is the right affiliate program for your site. WordPress is one of the most easily customized platforms of all and this is a great addition to your monetized blog.

24. CJ Affiliate Publisher’s Program:

This is one of the oldest affiliate marketing programs and they know their stuff. The program links you to a network of affiliate opportunities that pays in various ways. If you have a brand, promote it here or help promote others’ brands.

25. Instapage:

Another landing page-based service, Instapage allows for the creation of landing pages for any online marketing or promotions that you are sponsoring via affiliate links. This great service lets you manage many programs at once and many pages at once which really helps to maximize your commission. The final really great feature of this program is the amazing 50% revenue share on first payment and then 30% for recurring commission thereafter.

26. Clickbank:

An online retailer with a global program, this affiliate network offers great tools to its partners while also offering connections to many vendors and products. This is the kind of affiliate program that pairs well with other kinds of marketing and can really grow your presence and your sales quickly.

27. Merchantfocus:

Merchantfocus is a reseller. They are linked to Authorize.net and they can help with secure online payments, tools for advancing sales and even links with your iPhone. This is a program that offers 30% ongoing recurring revenue as well.

28. Backblaze:

This program offers 10% lifetime commissions and plans are a cheap $5 a month. If you want a good backup program that offers you incentive for using it as well as promoting it, this is a great fit for your needs. This program offers some of the best customer support in the business as well as a great console for management of your partners’ needs.

29. Jvzoo:

If you want to link up your website or your partners with an affiliate network, this is a great choice for you. This is a hub-style platform that creates links between others who are promoting related products and services.  These hubs can grow an audience and your sales very quickly and are great by themselves but can also be an additional boost to your other methods of marketing.

30. Beyondhosting:

This program offers 40% commission for every new referral. This is another example of a program that benefits you as well as those your share your links with. If you are comfortable hosting for your affiliates, this is one of the best recurring affiliate programs.

31. Nestify:

Nestify offers a $50 sign-up bonus and they do not disclose ongoing recurring commissions. They boast the best customer service in their niche and they don’t charge for you to sign up. They promise fast and easy pay outs and quick growth.

32. PureVPN:

One of the older programs out there, this program offers great recurring commissions with one-time payments as well as 35% recurring commissions. If you are already hosting for your clients, this is a great add in to your established hosting set up.

33. Wishpond:

This program uses 30% recurring commissions for successful referrals. If you love Wishpond’s platform, promoting it to others is a great way to help share the benefits as well as earning commission for yourself.

34. Jixhost:

If you like to promote services and products that you already know and love, this is a great program for you. The program pays 20% commission and offers many layers of loyalty bonuses.

35. SocialPilot:

This is one of the richest social media management affiliates with a 30% recurring commission.

36. Snappa:

If you sell images and graphics, you can get 30% recurring commission by using Snappa on your website. The library offered by Snappa is stunning and will keep your clients happy.  You can save and resize graphics and share on social media with ease.

37. PureChat:

This program offers 35% every month in commission for referring your customers and visitors to use PureChat for their live chat needs. Live chat customer service is growing in popularity and this is a rich program to help you grow your business while helping PureChat out at the same time. This is one of the best recurring affiliate programs for chat users.

38. Answerbase:

Q& A style customer service is a mainstay of most websites these days and Answerbase is one of the best self-help options that you can use and promote to others. The program offers a 30-day trial period and promises 50% commission for your first month with 15% recurring commission thereafter. You can make as much as $420 per customer and the app will help you to grow your following.

39. Crowdfire:

This referral program is focused on those with a large social media presence and offer 35% commission for all of your sales.

40. Amazon:

Probably the best-known affiliate program out there, Amazon’s affiliate link program is an easy to use and easy to scale program and pays you back for promoting items that you use and love. If you run a blog or have a website that is based on product reviews, Amazon’s program is a great way to generate extra income per purchase made using your links. Amazon is unique because it also will pay you commission for other items in the cart that are purchased as the same time as those linked by you.

41. PremiumCoding:

Another great WordPress add on, this program uses banners and text links to promote products and services. It offers a great commission at 35-50% recurring commissions for link items.

42. Spyfu:

This is one of the richer SEO affiliate programs, offering 40% recurring commission for new subscriptions. There is no one out there who doesn’t need SEO assistance and this is one of the best tools that you can offer to your valued clients and followers.

43. LiveAgnt:

Get $5 sign up bonus and 30% commission for initial payments. You will then get 20% for all recurring payments. If you already use live chat on your site or have been thinking of adding it, this is a great program to incorporate since it is on of the best recurring affiliate programs for live chat users.

44. DesignPickle:

This program offers 15% recurring commission when you send your customers to this unlimited graphic design service. Photo sharing sites with high quality images are few and far between and this program nearly sell itself.

45. Payhip:

Offering 50% lifetime commission, Payhip is designed for those who sell digital downloads and memberships.

46. Stencil:

This is a photo sharing site that offers 30% recurring commission. Stencil is perfect for social media marketers and bloggers and it is not at all difficult to convince them that the use of Stencil will improve their customer satisfaction as well as making their work stand out from the crowd.

47. EasyStore:

Offering 100% first month commission and 20% thereafter, EasyStore will streamline the process of creating an E-Commerce store. Anyone can see the benefit of having a bit of help in building their E-commerce store and your clients will be pleased to have such a great tool at their disposal.

48. Rakuten:

Rakuten links you with affiliate programs for various types of items that you can link to in your content or on your website. This is a Pay-per-action program which pays for clicks as well as sales and form submissions.

49. Sendowl:

If you sell digital items on your website or through your blog, this great referral program offers 20% monthly commission. Digital products tend to cost more than other items that you could link to through your content so this can be a very rich program.

50. eBay:

EBay’s affiliate program drives traffic to your store and offers you pay outs when your listing and the ones that you have linked to sell.  You will get paid when customers buy elsewhere on eBay which makes this program almost as good as Amazon’s.

51. SEMRush:

If SEO optimization is your stock and trade, this program offers 40% recurring commission and will provide unmatched SEO assistance for your clients. You will get commission on all new subscriptions that are generated through your efforts.

52. Shopio:

Created for E-commerce gurus, shopio is best for bloggers or website owners. It offers 25% commission of the bills of the customers that you refer annually! This is a great fit for those who are able to easily communicate the value of items being advertised through the program.

53. Sendloop:

Sendloop pays 10% monthly recurring commission. It offers a reselling program that can be good for you and your affiliate partners as well as a referral program and a consultancy program.

54. Hubstaff:

Hubstaff pays a 30% recurring commission through monetization of your blog, your side gig or your website. This program works best if you make recommendations for software or business tools.

55. Virmach:

Virmach offers 15% commission on popular plans and 20% on gaming plans. If you are hosting already or if you are working with promotions for gaming, this is one of the best recurring affiliate programs for your needs.

56. Membermouse:

This is one of the best add ons for WordPress.  Personal referrals are everything when you are trying to grow a business.  Membermouse pays for referrals and pays 25% for all their payments for an entire year!

57. LoveClients:

If you are experienced with SEO, becoming an SEO reseller through this program will net you $50-$75 per month per referred client.  This is a digital marketing provider and can help your clients as much as you can help yourself.

58. Memberpress:

Along the same lines as Membermouse, Memberpress is a WordPress add in that offers 25% commission for each customer’s first sale. 60-day return cookies are offered on the program and there is a plugin that tracks your commission as well.

59. Thinkific:

If you sell online courses, this program will offer you 20% recurring commission for referrals.

60. RescueTime:

This affiliate program pays 15% commission for each new subscriber to Rescue Time. This clever program runs in the background and keeps track of time as well as clicks and other activities. It can help you to be more efficient with your time and will serve others the same way.

61. Collect.Chat:

If you are working on a chatbot but need some help, this is the platform for you to use and then use for referrals benefits! This program pays 30% recurring commission and then $50 for each set of 10 referrals. If you are good at generating referrals, this is likely one of the best recurring affiliate programs for your needs.

62. Teachable:

If you want to help others to make online courses while also improving yours, teachable can help you and your referrals to succeed! They offer 30% recurring commission.

63. CallHippo:

To get commission, you simply promote CallHippo on your website or blog and rake in 20% commission each time someone makes the most of your link.

64. Crisp:

If video is how you are communicating with your followers and your community of colleagues, this is the right affiliate program for you! Commission is 20% and is recurring.

65. Academy of Mine:

If teaching is your area of expertise, this program will offer you 10-20% recurring commission on referrals to their program.

66. Sumo:

Want to make sure that your visitors also become E-commerce customers? Let Sumo help you! offers email capture and social sharing tools that can earn you 30% commission.

67. Optingun:

This is a great tool to grow your email list and will pay you 60% on sign up as well as 10% recurring commission.

68. Tars:

If you have a chatbot need, this program can help you to build yours and then you can refer others to use their service as well. This referral program offers 30% recurring commission.

69. Timedoctor:

This time tracking app can be the difference between a well-organized company and one that isn’t so well organized. You will get 30% commission off referrals to use Timedoctor.

70. Getsitecontrol:

This is a great platform to use for passive income generation. It is beginner safe and has good customer support as well. All users that sign up through your link will earn you 30% commission on they payments they make for their first year.

71. Hidemyass:

If you want to browse with privacy and protection, you will want to use this service. You can refer others to use it as well for a 30-35% commission.

72. ZenMate:

Another tool used to allow you to browse in security and privacy, this referral program offers a 30-35% recurring commission. Browsing privately can be really important for many reasons and this is one of the best tools for accomplishing that.

73. Repixel:

Repixel allows you to get connected with companies that you are not competing with in the same space to promote one another’s products. Pays 15-30% commission.

74. SalesHandy:

This is a great sales engagement platform that will offer you a 20% recurring commission for sign-ups.

75. TubeBuddy:

Youtube works best with optimized tools and this is a great one. It pays up to 50% on a recurring commission basis for referrals.

76. Brick&Mobile:

This affiliate program offers you a 20% commission for life which is really amazing! This entity is focused on mobile ads and banners and offers a recurring commission on all sign-ups generated by your affiliate links!


Always remember that any marketing or affiliate programs that you offer on your site, blog or social media platform must be useful to the audience that you interact with on a daily basis.

The monetization and affiliate offerings that you add to your content will only be effective if they are relatable to your audience. Knowing who you are marketing to is just as important as marketing to them at all.

Remember as well that you can use multiple forms of affiliate program to help grow your business, earn cash and make sure that you and your family are financially sound even if you are between jobs or are growing a new company.

Lastly, always consider diversifying your means of earning income.

You might be missing out on a great way to earn some extra cash simply by letting yourself get stuck in a rut!

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