77 Niche Ideas for Bloggers and Online Marketers

77 Niche Ideas for Bloggers and Online Marketers

Writing is one thing. Finding a niche to grow your audience and make a name for yourself is something else.

Any successful blogger or online marketers will tell you that a niche is essential if you want to run a successful website, blog or e-commerce shop.  

If you have already sorted out how you plan to monetize your blog or website, you are ready for a niche to associate with your brand or your products.

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Especially if you are planning to use an affiliate program to help monetize your site, you will need to know your niche and be able to sell it to people. There is a big difference between marketing to a small audience and trying to market to a larger share of the population. You will need to market yourself to more than a small niche if you want to actually make money off your site blog.

Selecting A Niche

While some niches are well-known to be successful no matter what, it can be hard to make a name for yourself in a saturated market. The trick is to find a niche that shows your own personality off while also connecting with your audience.

There are online coaches and advisors that help people find their niche for a living, but you might not have the money to hire someone to help you with this crucial part of your development process.

Perhaps the first and most important rule of selecting a niche for your site or blog is that you need to pick something that you feel strongly about and that you will stay interested in. If you are bored with the topic that you have chosen, you will get burned out and you will not be as successful long term.

The other factor to consider is if you can think of at least 20 topics that you can write on with your chosen niche.  If you cannot think of at least 20 topics, you should pick something else that you know more about or are more interested in. You will need to generate content multiple times a week all year long if you want to succeed and make money off your new site or blog.

77 Niche Ideas for Bloggers and Online Marketers

To help you to get rolling on your new site or blog, we have compiled a list of the 77 best niche ideas for bloggers and online marketers.

You will find many different topics and ideas on this list and you should find more than one that will suit your needs.

Use the trick of testing if you can think of at least 20 things to write about in that niche to help you decide which of the 77 ideas on our list is the right one for you.

1. Fashion:

Nearly everyone is interested in fashion. Clothing styles and trends are constantly changing, which provides almost unlimited opportunity for writing topics and for affiliate marketing. If you like clothing and have some experience with fashion and style, you will likely enjoy writing about fashion and you might even be able to set up an e-commerce site for yourself to sell clothes and accessories!

2. Travel:

Travel blogs and travel focused sites are a great way to connect with a huge audience. Who doesn’t like travel? If you have traveled extensively or if you are able to travel for your living and blog about it as you go, you will find that making money off this niche is a piece of cake for you. YouTube and Instagram travel bloggers are on everyone’s radar and it is really easy to market travel items and ideas to your audience organically as you vlog. If you haven’t already looked at our article about making money while you travel, it is a great jumping off point to help you get started!

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3. Nutrition:

People are very nutrition conscious these days and fitness and lifestyle information is everywhere. The trick to nutrition blogging or nutrition sites is making sure that you really know what you are talking about and that you are not overwhelming your audience with jargon. It is particularly useful to make sure that you are thinking of people at all levels of health and cooking skill when you are advising about nutrition topics. You want to be able to speak to a wide audience with your tips and tricks.

beauty niche ideas

4. Beauty:

Do you love make—up and hair products? Are you good at tutorials? If so, the beauty niche can be the perfect place for you to focus your efforts. People who really use the items they are representing and are willing to show others how to get the best results with them have the largest followings.  There is something really satisfying about watching people show you how to do new skills and if you are willing to adventure into carious aspects of the beauty market, the affiliate links involved can make you a ton of money.

5. Parenting:

Parenting is hard. It can be really nice to listen to someone else explain tips, tricks and just talk about basic parenting skills.  For people in this niche, advice, products and even parenting books are all fair game and your followers will be very loyal to you if your advice serves them well in their daily life. If you have kids or have been a nanny or if you are a childcare expert, you will be able to find unlimited things to write and talk about in this niche.

6. Life Hacks:

Everyone likes to save time and to learn new skills that can help them to lead a better life. Saving people headaches or helping them to organize or improve their lives can be a very rewarding niche idea to write in and can lead to many affiliate opportunities. This is a niche that leads to a very loyal audience as well.

7. Religion:

This is the kind of niche that offers an immediate audience to talk to. If you are well-read on spiritual matters or have expertise in working with a church or youth groups, this can be a great niche for you to work with. There is a lot of literature and other merchandise associated with this niche as well for chances to sell items via affiliate links. If religion is your passion and you know that you can talk about it each week, you will find this niche to be a great way to support yourself and feed your creativity.

8. Fitness:

While this is one of the most saturated markets out there, there are still many opportunities in this field for those who are in the know. Even if your part of the niche is helping others to get started on their fitness journey or explaining some tips and tricks to people who are already really advanced in their journey, there is almost an endless supply of topics to work with and products to market. If you are super-specialized, such as being an expert on running or swimming or even triathlons, you can find your own unique audience to market to in this niche idea.

9. Drawing and Calligraphy:

Drawing class style content has been popular for years. One only has to think of Bob Ross to see that are tutorials can be wildly successful. There are many ways to sell drawing and calligraphy is one of the most successful niches if you are able to do it. People love to watch others use art products and like to learn tips and tricks that they can use in their own creative time.

10. Design:

This is a fairly broad category but is can encompass home design, art design, clothing design and so much more. If you are good at brainstorming ideas and project management, you will be successful in the design niche. There are many steps to large projects that people feel like they cannot sort out themselves. Help them to do that part of any project and you will have a niche that will work for you.

11. Photography:

Almost everyone can be an amateur photographer due to the power of cell phone cameras these days, but the actual skills needed to take great photos are not known to everyone. If you are a trained photographer, you can share ideas, tips and tricks and products within this niche and you will find almost unlimited ideas to work with. An added plus to this category is that affiliate links for cameras and other related items pay very well.

12. DIY:

This category can include home improvements, art, crafts, sewing and so much more! If you are good at tutorials and videos and you know that you can show people how to make items or improve their homes with simple products and skills, this is the niche for you. One only has to look at the success of home improvement shows to see the value that this niche idea can offer.

13. Celebrity News:

People are always interested in what famous people are up to each day. If you are good at staying abreast of scandal, events and the happenings of pop culture this niche is for you! An added bonus for anyone trying to fit into this niche is being able to connect with your audience through genuine news versus basic clickbait that is all over the internet.

14. Tech:

This is a great niche for affiliate marketing and it can fit into a video or vlog style arrangement just as well as a tutorial style or even just traditional journalism typewriting. Technology is always changing, so topics are readily available every day and there are not as many experts on this subject as you would think.

15. Science News and Information:

Science experts like Bill Nye show us that science is an oft-neglected niche of interest. There are many people who genuinely enjoy learning about scientific topics and just as many people who have no idea how basic science works. You can market items to people easily inside of this niche and if you are interesting and speak at a level that anyone can understand, your following will be loyal and stick with you.

16. Sales:

Sales jobs are where the money is in most industries. And yet, there are not that many people who are really good at selling items, companies, or even themselves. In the broad category of sales, there is a real need for people to get educated about how to make others see the value in their products and services. This topic dovetails into any kind of topic really, as everyone who runs their own business needs to be good at sales to be able to really make a living.

business niche ideas

17. Business:

Did you get your degree in business when you were in college? Are you an experienced professional in your daily job? If you are able to teach people about how to improve their business, or how to start a business, or even how to make themselves more likely to get a promotion, this is the niche for you. Business is a very broad topic with lots of subheadings that are all relevant to major blocks of the population. There are people everywhere working in a business field, starting their own business, or working on their skills to be able to help others to start a business. You can speak to all of them with this niche.

18. Investing:

If you have some knowledge about various kinds of investments and some experience with making your money work for you, this is a great niche for you to focus on. There are very few people who really know how investments work and if you can share this information with your audience, you will instantly have loyal followers who will come back over and over to learn about how to maximize their earning potential each year or save for retirement, or even pay for college.

19. Magic:

Do you do street magic? Are you experienced at creating illusions or just stagecraft in general? If so, this is the niche for you. Magic blogging to vlogging offers the chance to sell items and books to people who are curious about magic and want to learn how to do it. We are all fascinated by magic and if you are able to share topics with people that help them to connect with magic in general, you will be all set!

20. Frugal Living:

We all know that the cost of things keeps going up and up all the time. If you are able to help people to break the cycle of debt and expensive life choices, you will have an instant audience that will wait to hear from you each week for ways to better their lives and help their budget. Most people are not aware of how much budgeting can change their life, but you could show them how!

21. Equine:

There are hundreds of people who own horses and are passionate about them. If you know something about horses and riding, you can talk about a variety of topics and use affiliate links to help your audience to find products and services that will improve their riding and help their horses to lead healthy and happy lives. Equine niche audience members are intensely loyal and will come back over and over for your advice.

22. Comedy:

Stand-up comedy and comedic movies and TV are a great niche to share with others. If you have some knowledge about the genre and are able to write consistently about comedy topics, you will find that not many others people are writing on this topic with authority.

23. Cultures:

This may sound like a very broad topic but that is what makes it such a great niche idea. You can write about almost anything culture related and find an audience. If you are interested in local culture, world culture, religious culture or even the culture related to certain professions, you can find yourself an audience that will come back again and again for your work. This is a great way to share products and services and knowledge with your audience. This is a great avenue to make money and dovetails with other topics well.

24. Gaming:

If you love video games and are familiar with many different genres of gaming, you can fill this niche with ease. The nice part about gaming is that your audience will be eager to hear your reviews and to buy products that you recommend to them. There are many avenues of affiliate marketing within this niche as well, which makes this a great way to earn some cash while talking about your passion.

25. Music:

For those who like music in general and who are able to share information about albums, artists, or even instruments, this niche can be a great fit. Music sales have changed a lot in recent years due to the drop-in album sales and the rise of virtual music. You can help people to find new artists and genres that they might have never been exposed to without your help. If you are musician, you can speak to other musicians or producers about a variety of topics.

26. Books:

If you love to read and you like to write reviews, a book review blog or vlog can be a great niche for you. Also, there are various side niche opportunities within the books category. There are many authors that need the chance to get in front of readers and you can also offer these people the chance to sell their books to your audience.

27. Games:

If you love board games or card games or even role-playing games, there are lots of avenues open to you within this niche to make a good living writing or vlogging about games topics.  Many games that are the most fun are complicated and people need to learn how to play them readily without struggling through written directions. Additionally, there are some really great board games on the market that are expensive but worth every penny but people are unwilling to buy them until they learn more about them. You can offer this information to your audience to help them to pick out gifts for others or to select their next favorite board game!

28. Movies:

Movie review podcasts and blogs are everywhere, but people can’t seem to get enough of movie information. It can be a great help to hear some detail about a movie in advance and there are ways to present reviews without spoiling the movie that will make your audience come back over and over to get your take before they pay to go see a movie or pay to rent one.

28. Sports:

Who doesn’t love sports?  You can pick a wide variety of topics and items of interest to talk about in the sports niche and be successful. As an added benefit, this is a great option for those looking to monetize their site or blog with affiliate links as sports gear and related items are varied and easy to market to those who are interested in them. Sports topics are one of the best niche ideas on the list.

Cooking niche ideas

29. Cooking:

This niche is probably best when sold through vlogs but there are plenty of blogs that are very successful related to cooking as well. Recipes, cooking tips and tricks and many other items of interest will bring you success and you can spread out your covered topics very easily within this niche.

30. Product Reviews:

If you like to try out products and then tell your audience about your experience with those products, this is the niche for you! This niche encompasses nearly any item that you might want to try out and your audience will overlap with many other niche types if you are willing to review lots of different kinds of products.

31. Unboxing:

Unboxing videos are a huge and popular niche and everyone seems to enjoy watching people open up boxes of new items they have received.  The best part of this niche is that it dovetails with product reviews because you can unbox and then try the items you purchased while your audience tunes in.

32. Cars:

Car-related topics are always super popular.  You could select car repair as your focus, or car products or even cover car shows. There are almost unlimited topics open to you within the car niche and many car blogs and sites have extremely loyal and dedicated followers.

33. Wine:

If you are interested in wine, you aren’t alone. Being a wine expert for your audience can help them to decide which wines to try out and which wines might suit the tastes of their friends and family.

34. Pets and Animal Care:

Hundreds of people have pets and you can speak to all of them with your pet niche site or blog. You can tell your audience about products that you enjoyed using with your pet, pet foods and pet toys. There is a lifestyle associated with pet ownership and you can write to those who are living with pets about tons of topics.

35. Restaurants:

You don’t have to be a food taster or restauranteur to write about restaurants. People like to know what to expect when they head to a new restaurant and you can provide them with this information! If you like dining out, you can also share information about places that are not local so that your audience knows where to eat when they go on vacation.

36. Theater:

The theater has been around nearly as long as people have been around.  There are many genres of theater and if you are interested in these genres, so is your audience! You can write reviews of shows you have seen, talk about star actors and review the theaters themselves.

37. Crafting:

If you have craft skills that you are willing to share with others, you will drop right into this niche.  Lots of people enjoy to craft but don’t know how to select projects or what to do once they have picked one. Teaching people how to gather their items for a project or even coming up with simple DIY crafts on your site or blog can be a great way to make the most of this niche idea.

38. Home Care:

Homeowners are always looking for ways to make caring for their home easier and if you have advice to give on the subject, this is the niche for you!  Many people have been doing basic home care and projects the hard way simply because they did not know better. You can show them products and processes that will make keeping their home beautiful a snap!

painting niche ideas

39. Painting:

This is a wide-reaching topic that offers the chance to talk about art in general or to teach people how to paint. You can discuss products and skills and also use affiliate links to help people to find the right materials for successful painting. Painting is a skill that many people wish they had but do not have so you can use your knowledge to educate them.

40. Sewing:

If you did not have a mom or a grandmother who sews, you might not have learned to sew as a child. There are lots of items that you need to know about and buy before you get started sewing. A sewing vlog or blog can help people to find products they will need before they get started on a project but it can also teach people to sew. There are many sub genres of the sewing niche like quilting that you can explore. 

41. Woodworking:

If you can make things from wood like furniture or other useful items, you can find this niche to be perfect for you.  Woodworking encompasses carving and also the building of practical items. Lots of hands-on skills are almost forgotten by most people and you can meet the needs and interests of many people by sharing your skills with them.

42. Website Building:

Building a good website is hard and people often feel overwhelmed when they want to start the process. Being able to show people how to build their own website can be a great way to do what you love and help others at the same time. If you are able to teach newcomers how to get started and also help experienced website builders how to improve and change their site, you will never want for audience involvement.

43. Wedding:

Weddings are hard to plan and everyone wants their wedding to be perfect! If you have experience wedding planning, you can find an audience for a variety of topics related to weddings. You can write about how to pick a dress, a venue or how to pick a wedding theme. You can even help people pick out a ring and seat the guests at the reception. If you have some travel experience, you can also help the bride and groom to plan their honeymoon. This is a niche idea that never runs out of fresh information to share.

44. Mommy Blog:

This specific niche focuses on what moms need to be happy and successful as mothers. Being a mom is a big job and any mom will tell you that tips and tricks are a big part of what helps them to stay organized and have fun as a mom. Product review is huge in this niche and product recommendations are a great way to help your audience to raise happy and healthy kids.

45. Kitchen:

The kitchen is the very heart of your house. It is where meals are made with love and care and it is often where people gather during house parties to talk and hang out. You want your kitchen to be homey and functional at the same time. This is a great niche if you know about various kitchen related topics and it will let you to explore product recommendations as well as cooking and recipes.

yoga niche ideas

46. Yoga:

This is a huge market to speak to and it is only growing in popularity. Yoga requires skill and patience and is also associated with a lifestyle. People of all ages can do it and there is a lot of gear that you can link to in your writing. Additionally, if you are a teacher or a certified yoga instructor, you can share actual workout videos with your audience to help them to improve their practice.

47. Outdoors:

If you love the out of doors and know a lot about hiking, backpacking, camping and many other outdoor topics, this can be a great niche for you. Tips, tricks and travel advice are all associated with this niche and you can do well inside of this topic if you are willing to reach out to a variety of different interests of outdoorsy people.

48. Gardening:

People love to grow flowers, make their own garden and even make jam and other products out of the food they have grown. If you have knowledge about this niche, you can write on many different topics and link to lots of products and services within this niche idea.

49. Local Topics:

If you know a lot about what is going on in your town or your state, you can write a local blog or have a local site that offers tips and reviews about local places of interest, businesses or even upcoming events. This can be a great way to generate an audience in your local area who will feel like you have their best interest at heart.

50. Careers:

People are rarely 100% satisfied with their current job and there is a huge audience that wants to know how to find a job that more closely fits their passions and skills. It can be very hard to know what your skills can do for you in a job reality and having someone to offer advice can help to guide your audience onto the right path.  This is a great way to help people to improve their skills and to help them to explore areas they did not know much about that might be their dream industry to work in.

51. Sneakers:

Surprisingly, this is a very popular niche and offers up access to many different kinds of audiences. You can write about shoes for almost any use in this niche and there are many different kinds of people who will be interested in what you have to say. Product reviews and overall opinion writing does well in this niche.

52. Running:

There are so many runners out there that this niche can’t possibly fail to generate interest. From shoes, to running clothes to products that help to fuel distance runners, this niche idea offers tons of topics to write on. 

53. Quilting:

Quilting is the most popular category within the sewing niche. Quilters are passionate about what they create and they love advice about products and how-to videos are always hugely popular.  You can use affiliate links to your advantage here and there is an almost endless supply of topics to write on. Many quilters actually also run e-commerce shops related to their quilting blog or vlog and you can diversify in many other ways within this niche.

54. How to Make Money:

People are always excited for tips and tricks about ways to make money to help pay for a vacation or maybe a new car. They love getting access to easy money tips as much as they enjoy learning about how to invest or save more effectively.

55. Household Products:

Often this niche works best with review style content but there are many ways to connect with those who want to know about the latest and greatest home care products. You can diversify this niche in many ways but the products themselves are a great jumping off point.

56. How to Write:

You could be surprised at how many people enjoy learning about writing. There are many hundreds of writers at all levels who are always looking for ways to improve their craft. If you have skills that you can share about how to write more effectively, this is the right niche for you.

57. Clothing:

Instead of just writing about style or fashion itself, clothing blogging or vlogging is a different way to reach people who are interested in style but maybe not high fashion.  You can talk about how to shop online and get the right sizes, or explain which kinds of colors go best together. There are so many topics available within this niche that you will never get bored.

58. Baby:

Baby blogs are always very successful. They combine well for many parents with other parenting style content but they are usually focused on child’s needs, toys and behaviors. This is a great niche idea if you want to use an affiliate program on your site.

59. TV:

If you love to watch TV and you have opinions about it, this is the right niche for you! People are passionate about the shows that they love and you can speak to that audience weekly if you select this niche.

60. Self-Improvement:

There is always room to make yourself a better person and self-improvement topics are always very popular. It is a great help to many people to be able to learn skills to help them to handle conflict, to deal with stress and anxiety and other life hacks that can make their lives better.

meditation niche ideas

61. Meditation:

Along the lines of self-improvement, meditation can be useful to those struggling with daily stress, people going through tough times, or even athletes who are trying to rewire their brains to help with performance issues. If you have the skills to teach or even vlog about meditation, you will find many people eager for your advice.

62. Advice:

This is a niche that can take the form of a “Dear Abby” style conversation but might also just be a daily topic that has been selected to help people with their problems. Your audience might send you email questions or you might just speak on topics that you know others can relate to.

63. Relationships:

Relationships of all kinds are tough sometimes and can even be bewildering. If you know how to give good advice to others about their relationships, this is the niche for you! There are even lots of great affiliate links you can use related to this topic because relationship help items such as books, are readily available.

64. Hobbies:

Hobby blogs are a widespread niche that can cover any type of hobby from cross stitch to scrapbooking. People love to get advice and new project ideas related to their hobby and being able to cover the basis of many hobbies can make your audience widespread.

65. Social Networking:

Growing a website or a business can be tough and getting some advice and help with regards to growing your social media presence is a great niche to write in. There is a lot of territory to cover in this niche and you will find that your audience will be very loyal to you because of your advice.

66. Crossfit:

Just as popular as Yoga, crossfit is a huge market and offers many avenues of writing to those who are knowledgeable about it. Training advice, diet help and tutorials can all be made to work for you within this niche.

67. Motorcycles:

Just like cars, motorcycles have a hug following of loyal folks who love their bike and love riding. If you know about motorcycles and can offer advice about riding, about gear or about the bikes themselves, this is the niche for you!

68. Golf:

A traditional favorite, golf still has a huge audience. There is a lot of room to work with various topics in this niche and you will find that your audience will come back for more over and over again.

69. Astronomy and Horoscopes

Always popular, the horoscope and astronomy niche is a very popular and easily accessible. People love to hear what their future might hold and offering a small snapshot each day of the possibilities can be a great niche idea for you to write in.

70. Budget:

Many people know that they need a budget but just don’t know how to make one. Offering advice and suggestions about apps and budget types can help people to control their spending and save money.

71. Starting a Family:

There is a wide variety of topics to write on inside of this niche and you will find that people who are looking to adopt, to get pregnant, or to move in together will all be eager for your advice.

72. Dating:

Always popular, dating advice and tips is a topic that comes from a saturated niche but one that can work well for you if you know your own style and voice.  People like to feel like they are confiding in or learning from a friend with this genre.

73. Homeschooling:

Not for the faint of heart, homeschooling is a niche topic that has a huge audience. Parents who homeschool are always looking for advice about topics to teach on, ways to get their kids into sports outside of the school environment and many other avenues of discussion.

74. Eco-Conscious:

People always want to help the Earth and if you can write about ways to make people’s homes and life practices more green, you will have an audience right away. Hydroponic gardens, ways to save fuel and many other topics are all popular within this niche.

75. SAT Prep:

The SATs are a huge landmark for kids graduating high school and looking to move on to college. Good SAT scores can mean the difference between getting into a good school or not. Tips, tricks, and practice tests are all viable ways to help kids prep for this huge milestone via your writing.

76. Beginner’s Guides:

All tutorials get tons of views and read and you could actually make an entire blog or website around how-to videos and instructions. This would cover nearly any topic and could be a great way to connect with a huge audience.


Finding the right niche for your work might seem daunting at first, but once you read a list of what is out there to work on, you will see that there are probably many things that you both know enough about and are interested enough in to be able to write about them with authority.

Picking a topic that dovetails well with another audience’s interests can be smart because it will help diversify your reach. Always remember to consider whether or not you will be happy writing content on a topic multiple times a week before you pick a niche. Once you have selected your niche of choice, jump in with both feet and get writing!

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