9 Ways to Create Financial Freedom with Writing

9 Ways to Create Financial Freedom with Writing

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It’s time to consider creating your financial freedom with writing.

Did you love English class when you were in school? Do you love to read? Do you have a detail-oriented eye? Are you tired of working eight hours a day at a job that doesn’t fulfill you? Do you long to create educational content, or storyboard or articles about health and fitness?

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If you said yes to any of these questions, you might be missing a great opportunity to make your living doing something that you love.

Many people are totally unaware of the rich and fulfilling opportunities that are available to those who love the written word. There are many different ways to make your living writing and a career in writing can offer you freedoms that many other jobs cannot.

All you will need is your laptop, your passion and your skills and you are set!

To many writers, the pinnacle of success is becoming a published author with the backing of a big publishing house. Many people think that the published novelist and the newspaper journalist are the only two options available for those wanting to make writing their career.

Did you know that there is a plethora of other options for those looking to make a living off their skill with the written word?

Did you also know that you might be able to write in many different genres, on many different topics and set your own rates and schedule while doing so?

Read on to learn how you can achieve freedom with writing.

Published Author

While getting published by a major publishing company is rare without the help of an agent, there are some publishing houses that allow unsolicited submissions a few times a year. Some of them offer up contests for the purposes of inviting in new talent to their ranks.

Harlequin is one such publishing entity but there are others. The downsides of being published by a major company are lack of control over portions of the contract and the marketing that will be done of your book as well as inability to dictate about covers and other details.

The benefits can be great, however, due to the exposure generated by a publishing house. If you have the budget to allow for an agent, getting contracted with a publishing house can free you up to write full time on a writing stipend extended to you via your contract with your publishing house.

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This is probably the most apparently lucrative option for writers looking to have a longer-term, mainstream career, but it is by no means the only way to have a stable writing career.

9 Ways to Create Financial Freedom with Writing with publishing


The age-old notion that one could not be successful as an author without being published under a contract of a publishing house is a thing of the past. There are many platforms that offer seamless and approachable ways for authors to publish their books, pamphlets, and technical work, without the help of a publishing house.

The self-publishing genre is growing in leaps and bounds and there are many highly successful authors who have launched their own careers through self-publishing. While Kindle Direct Publishing if often touted as the best option for self-published authors, there are other choices out there for those looking to produce and publish their own works.

Self-publishing exposure is driven largely by the number of reviews that a book or published work has been given, so growing your audience is the best way to get lots of reviews for your works.

The more reviews, the more exposure and therefore, the more sales. While it might take a bit longer to get your feet under you as a self-published author, it can be very rewarding to have control over every steps of the process from start to finish.

Additionally, you will be saving vast amounts of money on an agent, as it is not necessary to pay someone to promote your book to various publishing houses for you.

If you dream of writing your own stories, designing your own covers for those books and doing your own promotion, self-publishing might be the answer to freedom with writing that you have been looking for.


It is one of the most accessible ways to achieve freedom with writing. Blogging is incredibly flexible as a medium for writing.

You can write about your opinions, about products, about books, about history, produce a story in installations, you name it.

The important thing to remember when you are creating a blog, is that your content needs to be relatable and that you are going to be trying to build an audience for your work.

Niche writing can be the most successful in this medium.

Do you love knee socks?

Do you know how to make lace by hand?

Are you an expert on geckos?

This type of niche content writing might seem like it would not generate the interest to create a large following but often specific niche-writing is the most successful when writing blogs.

Blogging offers additional beneficial flexibility in that you can add photos, graphs and other forms of eye-catching media to your posts to help grow your group of followers.

Enjoy taking pictures or making spreadsheets about technical concepts? Blogging might be the best way for you to share your photos, graphs and your thoughts all at the same time.

All you have to do to start blogging is to purchase a domain name, WordPress hosting, and you’re good to go.

Check out our great Blogging & Traffic Primer Course to learn about growing your audience and monetizing your content.


If you are detail-oriented, or a grammar fanatic, you might find that your passion is proofreading. Proofreaders are essential to the publication process of many kinds of writing, from novels to blog content to web content.

Those who have the ability to happily comb through a manuscript or a document looking for spelling errors or grammatical problems are some of the most sought-after freelancers out there. Proofreaders are paid per word and make upwards of $45 an hour once they have some experience under their belt.

There are many sites where a proofreader can post their profile in search of proofreading jobs or you could even create your own website.

Having an extensive portfolio of examples of your work will always be helpful to help contract clients, but there are many entry-level jobs out there on sites like Upwork to help you start building your references.

An additional benefit of building a book of clientele for proofreading is that many of these clients will be repeat clients.

Once an author or a company has found a proofreader that they trust, they will usually work only with that proofreader for future projects.

If you are interested in learning more about proofreading jobs and opportunities, check out our Make Money Proofreading Online article for more information.

9 Ways to Create Financial Freedom with Writing with editing


It is a common misconception that proofreading and editing are one and the same. While it is possible to offer both services to clients, many editors and proofreaders focus on one or the other for the balance of their work.

Editing looks more closely at the content of the text than proofreading and is concerned with the clarity, voice and reader experience of the work in question. Editing is proofreading with the reader experience in mind.

Editors help authors to find their voice and to develop their own unique skills while still conforming to the requirements of their chosen genre. A sub-genre of editing, developmental editing, is focused entirely on creating a better, more engaging and more memorable story.

For those who read books and think of ways to make them better, this type of editing might be the right outlet for your creativity. The difference between a great book and a boring book can often be the editor that curated the content.

For people who love to offer advice and instruction, editing can provide an outlet for their wish to help an author to produce truly great work.

Here are some tips about how to search for freedom through writing in this article about becoming a freelance book editor.


Ghostwriting tends to have associations with authors who aren’t talented enough to write their own content.

In reality, ghostwriting comes in many shapes and sizes and it can be one of the most profitable means by which an author can seek a more fulfilling career and freedom with writing.

While many of the ghostwriting jobs out there will be for novels, there are other forms of ghostwriting such as re-writing aging content on a website, and generating content for another person’s blog.

The benefit to writing the content and not being the owner of the blog itself, is that you do not have to polish it, publish it or maintain the site. You are only responsible for creating fun or meaningful content.

If you are good at seeing existing writing with a fresh eye or if you are able to take tired platitudes and turn them into beautiful and invigorated prose, ghostwriting might a perfect fit for you!

This article about what to look for in a ghostwriter is a good place to start investigating ghostwriting. Upwork and Fiverr are good starting points for new ghostwriters.

Content Writing

Perhaps the most lucrative option for those seeking freedom with writing, content writing is variable and can be fun and challenging.

You might be hired to generate content for a new website, to write a technical article about a process or even to write about current events.

If you enjoy research, there are many writing jobs available to freelancers that offer the change to research new information and then create an engaging article about that content.

Many freelancers write entirely for clients who run YouTube channels and need help with scripting and production of written content that plays within their videos. Some content writers write for education companies, helping to develop curriculum, tests and even textbooks.

Many other content writers work on various platforms like Upwork or IWriter, allowing them to shop for and to pick and choose from the kind of work that they wish to do. If you do not wish to write content for websites, no one will force you to do so.

If you want to focus on writing a storyboard, you can assert through your portfolio that you wish to do those type of jobs only. However, by building a deep portfolio, content writers who use these platforms can find their days to be filled with challenging and interesting writing jobs.

Our handy guide offers good advice for those looking to make money writing online.

9 Ways to Create Financial Freedom with Writing with writing for magazines

Writing for Magazines

If journalistic writing is more to your taste, there are lots of ways to get connected with print magazines and online journals.

Most magazines or journals will have their own website that states what kind of content they are looking for. Often these sites will be very specific and will provide you with submission standards, word count and other details that are required for your submitted work.

This type of writing can offer a more research-based structure and can range from small teaser pieces to longer and more involved works about social issues and other news.

An additional benefit to doing this kind of writing freelance is that you can turn down jobs that you don’t want to take and write only about the current events and ideas that you are passionate about. If you love current events, wish to be the voice of change or want to inform people about ways to improve their lives, journalistic writing is probably a great fit for you.


Most writers who are actually making a living from their work have mastered the art of monetization of their finished products. Blogging is perhaps the best platform to grow an audience and generate passive income but it is not the sole means by which this can be done.

Placing ads on your blog page can be a great way to generate extra cash with no direct exchange of labor between you and the people interacting with your ads. Becoming affiliated or writing sponsored posts can also help you to make some passive income while also driving attention to your other work.

Blogging alongside content writing can help people to find your services and likewise can educate your clients and create a sense of community through your dual efforts on both platforms.

Many people who hire writers are seeking advice and guidance as much as they are seeking help with a specific piece of writing. Growing your community in this fashion will not only help you grow your income, but it will also help you to grow your brand.

Lastly, be flexible. Jump at opportunities to try out new types of writing. As with any other profession, writers discover each other and discover clients through word of mouth as much as anything else.

Making connections with other authors and with a strong, repeat client base will grow your audience alongside your clientele. The more you write, the better you will be at generating really good content and the better your content is, the more money you will make. Writing careers offer flexible schedules, portability and are a great outlet for creativity.

Additionally, you might be able to enjoy the perks of writing in many different categories and genres along the way.

Let us help you to do your research and increase your knowledge so that you can enjoy an enriching life of freedom with writing.

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