Welcome ! About Stefan Ciancio – The Action Taking Blogger

My name is Stefan Ciancio, I’m a former corporate 9-5er turned online entrepreneur and blogger from New York. But, behind that, I’m just a regular guy who enjoys trying new restaurants, traveling, hanging out with family and friends, and just enjoying life as much as I can.

stefan ciancio
That’s me, Stefan Ciancio, the Action Taking Blogger!

My Quick Backstory

I’m originally from Westchester, NY…the county directly above New York City. (People claim this is “upsate” NY, but if you’re from Westchester you get very defensive and try to claim you’re really part of the city crowd). I went to school at the University of Connecticut and studied mechanical engineering, before moving to Danbury, CT and working as a mechanical engineer for 3 years.

During my time working as a mechanical engineer, I felt very unhappy and very unfulfilled in my life. I was by no means a stupid person, but I felt as if I truly didn’t do well with engineering. Perhaps it was because the nature of it did not really interest me.

It simply wasn’t my calling, and on top of that, I was not happy spending 40-50 hours a week making someone else rich. This did not sit well with me. I was single and in my 20’s and wanting to do so much more than my budget and limited free time allowed.

Seeing An Opportunity

About a year into working for my engineering company, a coworker mentioned how a relative made a few hundred bucks selling ornaments on Ebay that they got at a garage sale. It inspired me, and honestly I was very bored living in my small, family-oriented Connecticut town as a single guy in my 20’s, so taking on a hobby that actually made me money sounded like a good idea.

I was shocked when I made $700 my first month by selling stuff I got at Goodwill and bartering with soccer moms in those Facebook garage sale groups. I remember I got an Asus tablet for $90 and sold it on Ebay for $200. So, I made $110 for about 45 minutes worth of work. That was just one of my successful flips. Some made more and some made less. Again, this was all side money, and I was having a blast.

My Paradigm Shift

I remember watching videos on Youtube one weekend afternoon of other people’s flips, when a “related video” popped up on the side. “How I Make Six Figures Publishing Kindle books”. I was intrigued and I took the plunge. I ended up making $600 per month passively with Kindle in the coming months- something that had way higher potential.

In the months and years after this initial exposure to earning for myself and seeing the life changing potential of being patient, disciplined, and self teaching, I was able to become a full time entrepreneur, marketer, blogger, and even speaker. I have gone on to speak at marketing events here in the USA, and even in Ireland and Portugal. Since quitting my job, I have lived in two cities; first Manhattan, and now I’m living on Philadelphia.

stefan ciancio
In Dublin at a marketing convention with top online marketers Neil Napier and Ryan Phillips

There were ups and downs, and I’ve learned a TON along the way. I consider myself a lifelong student and will never stop learning about the opportunities out there and how to become amazing at them.

How I’m Going To Help You

So, after years of seeing the opportunities out there to help people improve their lives in both mind set and financially, I decided to create this blog to serve as a hub to help you improve your life financially as well as change your mind set to live a happier, more stress free life. You can expect anything and everything from:

  • Getting your mind set right, motivational material to overcome fears and accomplish goals, and goal setting methods
  • Ideas for starting  a side hustle (maybe you only want to make another $50-$1000 a month)
  • Ideas for starting a side business (maybe you want to make another $1000+ per month on the side)
  • Different ways to become a full time entrepreneur (maybe you want to go REALLY BIG!)

Where To Start

If you’re brand new to this blog, then head to the START HERE page. This will help you navigate the site and truly get the most out of it based on what you want now and what you might want to check out in the future.

If you want to get access to my free 5-Day Blogging & Traffic Primer course showing how I build profitable blogs and drive traffic for free, you can grab it here.

Thanks for reading and welcome to the blog. You are now officially part of the Action Taking tribe!! Enjoy 🙂

-Stefan Ciancio