so, who the heck am i?

I’m originally from Westchester, NY…the county directly above New York City. (People claim this is “upsate” NY, but if you’re from Westchester you get very defensive and try to claim you’re really part of the city crowd). I went to school at the University of Connecticut and studied mechanical engineering, before moving to Danbury, CT and working as a mechanical engineer for 3 years.

During my time working as a mechanical engineer, I felt very unhappy and very unfulfilled in my life. I was by no means a stupid person, but I felt as if I truly didn’t do well with engineering. Perhaps it was because the nature of it did not really interest me.

It simply wasn’t my calling, and on top of that, I was not happy spending 40-50 hours a week making someone else rich. This did not sit well with me. I was single and in my 20’s and wanting to do so much more than my budget and limited free time allowed.


About a year into working for my engineering company, a coworker mentioned how a relative made a few hundred bucks selling ornaments on Ebay that they got at a garage sale. It inspired me, and honestly I was very bored living in my small, family-oriented Connecticut town as a single guy in my 20’s, so taking on a hobby that actually made me money sounded like a good idea.

I was shocked when I made $700 my first month by selling stuff I got at Goodwill and bartering with soccer moms in those Facebook garage sale groups. I remember I got an Asus tablet for $90 and sold it on Ebay for $200. So, I made $110 for about 45 minutes worth of work. That was just one of my successful flips. Some made more and some made less. Again, this was all side money, and I was having a blast. 

business niche ideas


I remember watching videos on Youtube one weekend afternoon of other people’s flips, when a “related video” popped up on the side. “How I Make Six Figures Publishing Kindle books”. I was intrigued and I took the plunge. I ended up making $600 per month passively with Kindle in the coming months- something that had way higher potential.

I started realizing there was one thing everyone needed to succeed online… TRAFFIC. Anyone could set up a page, but driving traffic separated the winners from the losers. I started testing traffic, and found some clear winners… and the rest is history…


In the years to come, I quit my job, and became a respected marketer driving millions of visitors with my Pinterest marketing strategies. Pinterest, I noticed, was the clear winner for organic marketing and being able to drive huge volumes of quality, targeted traffic and attracting your ideal buyer, without breaking the bank with paid ads.

Now, I enjoy helping businesses and marketers of all types grow on Pinterest through my various offerings, currently including a course, my coaching, and most recently my Pinterest Marketing Agency. 


My Current Offerings

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