10 Best Motivational Books for Growing in Business and Life

10 Best Motivational Books for Growing in Business and Life

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Life can be hard and meaningless at times. When you need something to inspire you to change your thinking, pick up a motivational book and devour it.

I have read many motivational books that inspired me to go out and conquer the world, take positive actions and make better choices in life. But because my blog is all about making money online, I decided to share the titles you guys will surely find interesting: motivational books that can help anyone grow in business.

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Best Motivational Business Books

Think and Grow Rich

A bible for potential entrepreneurs, this best-selling title by Napoleon Hill is dubbed as the “Granddaddy of All Motivational Literature.”

Although it was written 82 years ago (1937), many of the philosophies in this book still applies to businesses these days, like the importance of having a specialized knowledge. I believe one of the secrets of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time is they used their knowledge in a strategic way and they never stopped learning. They continue to acquire knowledge about their craft.

When used wisely, specialized knowledge can be your big advantage in starting a business.

Napoleon Hill got his inspiration from business magnate Andrew Carnegie, who left us with many pieces of advice when in comes to success.

Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers

Want to digest wisdom from world-class achievers? Check out this book by Tim Ferriss. I couldn’t agree more when he said, “The superheroes you have in your mind (idols, icons, titans, billionaires, etc.) are nearly all walking flaws who’ve maximized 1 or 2 strengths.”

One of the best traits to have when starting a business is being unafraid to take risks. In 1980, four guys from Texas left their shopping market gigs to bet on a supermarket chain exclusively selling products free from hydrogenated fats, artificial colors, and flavors.

It could have been a major flop but the founders of Whole Foods believed in their business model. Back then, they started out with just 19 employees. Fast-forward to today, Whole Foods has 500 stores in North America and the United Kingdom.

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Choose Yourself

What I like about James Altucher’s Amazon book is it emphasizes how everyone’s path to success is different. Success can take a bit longer for many of us and just because you’re taking longer than others does not mean you’re a failure.

Harry Bernstein’s 40 novels were rejected before his bestselling memoir, The Invisible Wall came out. Ray Kroc bought McDonald’s when he was 52. Rodney Dangerfield did not succeed in comedy until his 40s.

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In fact, the terms longer and sooner are subjective. What truly matters at the end of the day is you like what you do and you like how you do it. Isn’t that the true meaning of success?

The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho’s novel is all about following one’s dream. For many of us, pursuing a dream is easier said than done. Sometimes, it’s not because something or someone is stopping us. More often than not, it’s because we give up before we even try.

In our dreams, there are no obstacles. It’s a far cry from real life. It leaves us disappointed that we end up forgetting about those fantasies. We end up with another goal, which is something that’s easier to attain.

Truth is there will be stumbling blocks along the way. But just like Santiago, the young boy in this novel, we just need to completely trust our heart to guide us through our journey.

My favorite line from the novel is “wherever your heart is, that is where you will find your treasure.”

That’s the same in business. When you want to start a business, begin by finding something you love. Dan Weaver, co-founder of Fudge Animation Studios, always had a passion for storytelling and spent much of his youth sketching his own characters.

With his skills and just a few basic animation software, he started his animation startup business. Now his company is one of the foremost independent animation studios in the United Kingdom.

There will always be odds and challenges in running a business. Yet with a strong willpower and good tactics, there is no way we can achieve what we want to achieve. This book reminds us that when we want something, all the universe conspires in helping us to get it.

The Power of Broke: How Empty Pockets, a Tight Budget, and a Hunger for Success Can Become Your Greatest Competitive Advantage

Daymond John’s book tackles how desperation can breeds innovation. John, the founder and CEO of Fubu and one of the investors of Shark Tank, started selling home-sewn clothing with no funding and a $40 budget for promotion.

Creativity and passion were his only resources and that eventually helped him come up with out-of-the box ways to promote his products. His innovation skills definitely helped him create a brand that is now a $6 billion dollar global phenomenon.

Derek Sivers, an entrepreneur, musician, and producer once said, “Start now, you don’t need funding. Watch out for when you want to do something big, but say you can’t until you raise money to fund the idea. It usually means you’re more in love with the idea of being big than with actually doing something useful.”

Best Motivational Books About Life in General

Just in case you need some uplifting messages and positive, life-affirming concepts about life in general, I included these books focusing on self-help and personal development:

You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

Jen Sincero’s self-help book is filled with sage advice and inspiring stories to help you improve your latent qualities that may be developed and lead to success. Like, there’s a part in the book where you will be reminded about your enormous potential and you got to share that awesomeness with the world. It’s very much like The Secret, but with a good dose of humor.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Sometimes, what’s stopping us from having a positive mind is the fact that we anticipate tiredness right before starting something. This was emphasized in this book by Richard Carlson.

In life, we cannot move forward when we’re afraid or we are already thinking how exhausting it will be to move forward.

Now, Discover Your Strengths

Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton highlighted how many of us put so much attention on our weaknesses rather than building our lives around our talents and strengths. It’s true that it is easier to enhance a strength than invest or put so much energy on a flaw. This book is one of those eye-opening books to read both for personal and professional development.

The Secret

The “Law of Attraction” is not so secret at all. But it still deserves a spot here, because Rhonda Byrne’s words are so powerful it can change your mindset as soon as you finish the book. There is enough wealth in this world for everyone. We are the creator of our lives. And we have the most powerful tool in the universe, which is our mind. We just have to believe in the power of our thoughts and not leave our potentials unused and underdeveloped.

Awaken the Giant Within:  How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny

Tony Robbins is a master of personal development and this has been proven so many times. His teachings has helped millions of people come up with better decisions, improve their lives and take control of their emotions. To create lasting change, Robbins emphasizes three things: raising your standards, changing your limiting beliefs, and changing your strategy.


Reading a motivational book is one of the most productive ways to spend your free time. Even if you don’t think you need a self-help book right now, reading one can help you interpret the word more positively.

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