Get Paid Up to $100 Per Survey: The Complete Guide on How To Make Money Taking Surveys Online

Get Paid Up to $100 Per Survey

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Thinking of making money during your downtime or just in the middle of doing anything? Take surveys! A simple Google search will lead you to survey sites that pay, but be careful because not all of them are legit.

Save your time Googling for the highest-paying online survey websites and from survey scams that will get your personal details for their dishonest scheme. We already rounded up the best ones for you.

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Some of them pay as much as $100 per survey. Can’t wait to start answering surveys? Sign up on these sites to find out:

Survey Junkie

This legit high-paying site lets you earn $1-$3 for a single survey. When you are committed enough, there is no limit to how much you can earn from this site.

What sets Survey Junkie apart from its competitors is that users can take as many surveys as they want. In other sites, a member can only answer up to 3-4 a week in a month.

What is the best way to make extra money on Survey Junkie? Maximize your earnings by joining focus groups. They pay as much as $100 for participants of their focus groups.

The pay is higher when you participate in focus groups in-person. You can earn a minimum of $25 and a maximum of $150 by being part of Survey Junkie‘s focus group in your area.

The minimum amount before you can redeem your rewards is $10. That is equivalent to 1,000 points. So if you want to earn an instant $100, you have to obtain 10,000 points in all.

Do note that surveys are valued differently. There are some that will give you only 20 while there are surveys that are equivalent to 200 points.

Obtaining more points is not limited to answering surveys. By completing your profile, you can get 50 points instantly. Confirming your email will add 25 points to your current score.

Tips to Get More Points on Survey Junkie

  • Run the browser extension. It will notify you when there is a survey available. It increases your chances of answering high-paying surveys, faster than having to wait for an email for the invitation.
  • Sign up as an affiliate. Survey Junkie will pay you $1.50 for every person who will sign up using your referral link. You can post that link anywhere on the Internet. If you are a blogger, you can post that affiliate link on your posts. It’s a smart way to monetize your blog.

Get Paid Up to $100 Per Survey

Are you struggling to get more traffic and leads without breaking the bank? Get my Pinterest Traffic Playbook for free, showing how I've driven 1.5 million pageviews to my websites with a unique Pinterest strategy that you can replicate.

Ipsos i-Say

The site does not pay as high as Swagbucks or Survey Junkie. But they are a legit survey network operating and they have an easy to navigate website. Like the leading survey sites, their minimum threshold is $10 equivalent to 1,000 points.

Did you know that Ipsos is the third largest survey-based research firm in the world? They have been operating since 1975. At present, Ipsos has 3 million members and they are operating in more than 100 countries.

The first thing you will love with i-Say is their clean website interface. You will not see a lot of offers and ads on the side because the theme is minimalist. They also have the apps version so you can answer the surveys anywhere and anytime.

Tips to Get More Points on Ipsos i-Say:

  • Respond to as many surveys as you can to become part of their loyalty program. You will get bonus points by completing a specific number of surveys. For instance, you can get 200 bonus points by answering 50 surveys.
  • Keep your account active. You have to be active in answering surveys because you might lose your existing point when you seldom log in.

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American Consumer Opinion

This is perhaps the oldest and certainly one of the few legit survey sites right now. They have been doing surveys since 1986 and went online in 1996.

Now, they have more than millions of participants across the globe. They have members in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. What makes them unique is they offer an option to donate to charity- a feature you will rarely encounter in survey websites.

They have a list of charities on the website, which you will see when you are the Cash Out option. By the way, you will only be eligible to cash out when you have a minimum of 1,000 points in your account.

In this site, you will earn a dollar for every 100 points that you have. You can redeem your cash via PayPal, Hyperwallet or an entry to the sweepstakes. Hyperwallet allows users to get their funds from the said international payout platform. With sweepstakes, they give out so many prizes, like Amazon gift cards, a dinner and a movie, and a Tablet.

Lucky members receive products that they can test for free. You will likely be chosen to evaluate a new or an existing product if your information matched their qualifications.

The only drawback with American Consumer Opinion is you cannot answer as many surveys as you want. They will only send you an invitation via email if you qualified in a survey.

Tips to Get More Points on American Consumer Opinion

  • Complete a screener. It refers to short surveys containing no more than 20 questions. There are different types of rewards for answering screeners. It can be a gift card or points amounting to as much as 50 points.
  • Finish long surveys. The minimum reward for longer surveys is $10. There are a few surveys that will reward you 5,000 points. Aside from points, they will give you other bonuses, such as free products that you can test.
  • Become their affiliate via ShareASale. You will get $1 for every person you invited to join their website. By becoming a top performer of their affiliate program, American Consumer Opinion will reward you with a higher pay rate and a chance to join contests with cash bonuses.


Swagbucks is a Get Paid To (GPT) site that will pay you to do a number of tasks. One of the easy tasks you can do from their site is answering surveys.

It is among the few sites with a low minimum withdrawal threshold. You can cash out when you have $5 in your balance. Like the other major survey sites, they will send you your earnings through PayPal.

The best part about joining Swagbucks is you will get $5 upon signing up. The only thing you might not like about Swagbucks is it will eventually take time before you can get a lot of swag bucks by answering surveys.

Tips to Earn More on Swagbucks:

  • Don’t limit yourself with surveys. You will get more swag bucks by watching videos. The videos are just several minutes long. All you have to do is finish watching them.
  • Invite your friends to sign up on Swagbucks. As with any survey site, you will get more points for referring your friends to the site. Swagbucks will let you earn 10% of what your referral makes.

Get Paid Up to $100 Per Survey

Vindale Research

With Vindale Research, you will have the opportunity to earn a lot of extra cash because they release hundreds of paid surveys in a day. The amount per survey will depend on the topic, so be selective in the topics you will answer.

Easy surveys that will not take you more than 5 minutes to finish are priced at $2 each. The longer ones, like an electronics survey, have a $14 value. You can find surveys worth $50 each.

Tips to Earn More on Vindale Research:

  • Find Reward Codes. You can easily find these codes by following Vindale Research’s social media pages and blog. They release these codes every week. Following them on social media is a nice way to get alerts for new surveys or take their challenges in exchange for cash.
  • Encourage your friends to sign up. Vindale Research has the best referral program among all survey websites. They pay $5 for every person who successfully joined using your link.

Global Test Market Panel

They have been around since 1999 and already rewarded more than $32 million. Their topics range from consumer products to movies and restaurants. Like the American Consumer Opinion, they give sweepstakes entries and an option to donate to their favorite charities.

What sets them apart from other survey sites is they allow users ages 14 years old. They are also available in more countries worldwide. They are now taking surveys from 200 countries.

The only problem in using the site is users tend to receive a message that the service is temporarily unavailable in the middle of answering a survey. Users are advised to wait 24 hours before resuming the survey or going back to the link.

Tip to Earn More Money on Global Test Market Panel:

  • Be urgent in answering surveys. Do note that their rate will be higher for longer surveys. On average, surveys from this site will not take you more than 15 minutes to complete.

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Pinecone Research

Pinecone is hands-down one of the reliable sites out there. It’s owned by Nielsen and majority of their surveys are easy and will not take you that long to complete.

One of the perks of joining Pinecone is you will have the chance to try out new products before they hit the market. All you have to do is complete the Household Questions which they will use to check if you qualified the product testing.

Tips to Earn More Money on Pinecone Research:

  • Be active in responding to surveys. Once you become a loyal panelist, who will have the chance to be entitled to join the bi-weekly and quarterly sweepstakes draw.
  • Complete your profile with all honesty. They might be asking duplicate questions but this is just to ensure that you qualified for testing certain products.


Our last is definitely not the least because InboxDollars is one of the most trusted GPT websites out there. They are somehow like Swagbucks which pays users for completing a number of tasks.

In case you got tired answering surveys, you can simply watch videos from their site or play their games. You can still earn points and redeem it as check via mail.

The only con we see with InboxDollars is they have a high minimum threshold. You need to have at least $30 to cash out and it may take you months to earn that amount.

Tips to Earn More Money on InboxDollars:

  • Install the app. If you don’t want to check your email from time to time, just to see if there is an available survey, simply install the InboxDollars app on your mobile.
  • Explore all the ways you can earn from this site. Aside from answering paid surveys, you can earn more cash watching movies, playing games, shopping, and simply searching using their search engine. These are easy ways to relieve boredom. Who does not want extra money doing simple tasks?

When to Know If A Survey is a Scam

A $100 per survey may not look real, but it depends on the website you’re visiting. While there are so many great paid survey sites, there are also a lot of survey scams that will take your money. So what’s with survey scams that you should watch out for? Here are things that will tell you if that survey website is a fraud:

  • They will ask for a membership fee when signing up- legitimate survey websites will not charge you even a cent upon registration. They are free to join. There are sites with very impressive rewards but will charge around $30 as a “membership fee.”
  • The site promises unrealistic earnings- when the offer is too good to be true, think twice. There are a few websites offering a whopping $300 for a single survey. Don’t be fooled by scammers who are trying to look like they are legit survey sites. They only want to get your personal details. As much as possible, don’t use your work email when signing up on these sites. You will be getting alerts from time to time so it will be helpful to come up with a separate email for these kinds of activities.
  • They have so many pre-qualifications- a scam survey site will ask you so many questions, only to tell you later on that you did not qualify in the survey. While it’s normal for companies to screen their participants, they are aware of the fact that it is disappointing on the customer’s part to be screened out of a survey. A legit site will at least offer an alternative prize drawing for screened out participants.
  • They look fake – your instinct will tell you when a website does not seem legit. They don’t have a privacy policy and the website is not secured by an SSL certificate.
  • They ask for sensitive information- a real survey site will not ask for your credit card number or your bank account. Majority of real paying sites already use PayPal to pay their members. Therefore, you only need to link or provide your PayPal email address to cash out. Never give any personal details because such information can be used for phishing.


Survey sites will not make you quick. But it lets you earn an extra $100-$200 a month and that can somehow help you in paying the bills!

You will earn more money by being an active participant in 2-3 survey sites. Answering surveys will not take much of your time, anyway. Don’t forget to complete your profile and answer them with all honesty.

It’s normal to get the same question all over again. It’s the survey site’s way to ensure their respondents’ consistency.

Most importantly, be quick enough in responding to surveys. Majority of surveys expire fast and there is a limited number of responses per category.

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