How To Create Passive Income With No Money

how to create passive income with no money

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You may be wondering how to create passive income with no money… because you want to stop earning ONLY by trading time for money.

You see, the way that most people have been earning money, is the only way society really teaches about earning money, is something called active income. Active income is when you are involved in the process of trading time for money. This means if you work an hour, you will be compensated directly for that hour of labor.

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Conversely, passive income is when you do work, and your efforts keep producing income even during the times you are not actively working. This includes being able to earn money while at the supermarket, hanging out with your friends or family, or even while you sleep.

Thanks to the internet, earning passive income is much easier than ever before. You can create passive income with no money in so many different ways because a lot of the sales and marketing mechanisms can be automated to reach your target audience FOR you, without you actively having to do anything.

One of the biggest questions I get from people is how to create passive income with no money.

I decided to create this post to list one powerful way on how to create passive income with no money.

The method I will be showing you involves something called Affiliate Marketing.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of many ways that you can earn passive income online, where basically you recommend other people’s products and get paid a commission when they buy through your recommendation.

This has tremendous benefits because it means you are not responsible for product creation, product marketing, or customer support. It’s one of the easiest methods on how to create passive income with no money.

In many cases affiliate programs offer upwards of 50%+ commissions too, which means you can split profits evenly with the product creator, without having to do any of the associated marketing or product support efforts that the product creator needs to do.

There are tons of affiliate programs out there, for just about any niche.

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My recommendation is to promote products with affiliate programs that are digital products. This is because commissions on digital products are usually much higher than physical products because there’s no product cost on the end of the vendor, besides web tools and marketing. Basically this means if they sell something for $47, their out of pocket cost is often close to $0, as opposed to selling, say, a pair of shoes for $47, their out of pocket cost may be $20, leaving much less to offer as a commission.

Let’s explore some affiliate marketing networks and programs that are quite common that you can look into.

Affiliate Marketing Programs

As far as digital products go, three of the most well known affiliate networks are Clickbank, JvZoo and Max Bounty. You can check these out and determine if you think they might have some products you will like. JvZoo primarily has products in the marketing space, whereas Clickbank and Max Bounty have products across almost any major niche you can think of, like Dating, Fitness, Food, Nutrition, Personal Development, Marketing, Business, Cryptocurrency, and much more.

There are other major programs out there that you may want to try, for example, Amazon has the Amazon Associates program. They offer a much smaller commission, but are still a popular option because Amazon has strong brand recognition, fast shipping times, great customer service, and overall a high trust with consumers.

This means that despite the low commissions, the average person may be very inclined to purchase products you recommend from Amazon simply for this reason. (One of the easiest ways to promote Amazon products is with a WordPress blog, using the Easy Azon Plugin).

You can also just go to google and do a search for affiliate programs in your niche. One example of how to do this is “dog affiliate programs” or “dog training affiliate programs”. You will find that there are a ton of affiliate programs out there that you can end up using.

Ok great, so now that you have an affiliate program you want to promote, how to you actually get eyeballs to it?

I will show you how to get eyeballs to your affiliate offers and how to create passive income online with no money using Pinterest traffic.

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Promote Affiliate Offers On Pinterest

Pinterest is a wonderful content discovery social media platform that basically lets you set up a profile and create something called a board, and when that board is made, you can “pin” different digital images to it.

The best way to understand the concept is to envision a cork board in your kitchen that you pin recipes to. Pinterest is like a digital version of that, and others can see your pins, and then re-pin them into their own boards, and you can do the same.

There are boards and pins across virtually any niche on Pinterest, so this means you can create pins in the niche of your affiliate marketing program, and over time get these pins seen by people on Pinterest.

You can follow these steps below and it will become more clear on how to create passive income with no money.

Create Your Pinterest Business Account

Create a Pinterest business account (they are free), and then you can follow the basic instructions in there to name your account. You want your account to be in the niche of your affiliate offers.

Create 10 Boards and 10 Pins

Create 10 boards and you can start adding pins into each one. If your niche is dogs, you can make boards like “cute puppies”, “dog tips”, “dog food recipes”. The idea is to create a profile that looks nice to anyone in your niche, and does not look empty.

Make Pins For Your Affiliate Program in Canva or a Similar Tool

Use Canva to create Pinterest images with ease. They have tons of templates you can us to create pins with no graphic design experience.

Publish Optimize Your Pins So Pinterest Picks Them Up

Once you have your pin and your affiliate link, upload your pin and make sure you choose a keyword-rich description so that Pinterest knows what your pin is about and can start showing it to people who like whatever topic it is.

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Once you see some profits, you can invest into using a software called Tailwind to automatically schedule your pins to Pinterest for you. Consistently pinning to Pinterest helps you get more traffic from Pinterest overall. You can also use Tailwind Tribes to boost traffic even more to your affiliate links.

You now know how to create passive income with no money for yourself!

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3 thoughts on “How To Create Passive Income With No Money

  1. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Nice breakdown Stefan. Cool how affiliate marketing offers us max leveraging potential, right? No financial or product creation investment. Just sharing helpful content and building strong bonds to prosper.

  2. niraj says:

    There are many types of marketing methods, but when we look at the big picture, affiliate marketing is the best to create automated income. Affiliate marketing provides an army of promoters to the product owners whereas other strategies like email marketing requires them to have them own audience.

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