How to Get Paid to Write Reviews Online in Your Free Time for Spare Income

How to Get Paid to Write Reviews Online in Your Free Time for Spare Income

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We’ve all been there. Maybe your car has broken down or you had an unexpected doctor’s bill sneak up on you. Maybe your water heater decided to break or your furnace went out in the middle of winter.

Maybe you just want to earn a little extra cash before the holidays or to put into your savings account.

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If you work a full-time job, it can be hard to find ways to bring in a little extra cash when you need it.  Most part-time jobs require more hours than you can give if you are already working full time or if you are a student, your schedule might change too often for you to be able to stay at jobs for long.

The good news is that there are actually plenty of ways to earn some extra income in a pinch and we know about all of them.

The best and most efficient way to earn money quickly if you are in a bind is to write reviews.

How to Write Great Reviews

The key to writing great product reviews are rooted in common sense, but if you have never done anything like writing reviews, you may not be aware of what is needed to write reviews that will earn the most money.

It is always best to get the product itself to try it and see what you think about it by actually using it.

Learn about the product and its industry so that you are familiar with its competitors. Always be honest about the product. Don’t sell out. 

Make sure that your review starts a discussion so that others can join in the conversation.  It is often a good idea to offer up a take-away message for your audience as well to help them to remember your review and to think about the product once you have finished telling your audience about it.

If your site of choice does not already offer a star rating system for its reviews that you submit, you can initiate your own star rating system based on your personal experience to help build trust with your readers or viewers.

Always remember that your audience needs to trust you and to enjoy spending time with you while you review products. If you are likeable and relatable, it will be that much easier for you to sell products to people.

If you need to learn how to make 200 dollars fast by writing reviews, this article will show you all the details and get you on your way to making some cash that will help you get by or to help you to increase your savings.

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How to Get Paid to Write Reviews Online in Your Free Time for Spare Income

How to Make 200 Dollars Fast

The best way to make money writing review is to get connected with mailing lists or sites that share opportunities to a central location consistently so that you don’t have to go hunting for surveys yourself. This article will share with you the various sites and lists that you can use to help you find and take surveys and do reviews.

Vindale Research:

Research sites and marketing companies are often looking for people to contribute to their data collection process to help them to advertise and develop their products.

Vindale is one of these sites that offers surveys on a regular basis.

You can also get signed up to buy products at company cost and then be paid to write reviews for those products on select sites like Amazon.

Vindale has their own website that sells items and posts their own reviews as well.

The payment amounts vary per job but many are as much as $75! With payouts as high as that, you can see how you can make 200 dollars fast with Vindale.

Review Stream:

This is another great site where you can sign up to be sent products to review for cash.

A great benefit to this site is the high volume of jobs that come through the site and that you additionally get paid when others leave feedback on your reviews.

This is a slower way to earn cash than Vindale’s site, but if you use Review Stream in tandem with other review job sites, this can be a great way to earn passive income on your already posted reviews.


Swagbucks offers lots of ways to earn some side income and product reviews feature prominently on the list. Many of their paid jobs are online surveys which ask you to review products, services and brands.

For those who love to shop, this site is a great fit because most of the earning opportunities are related to products and brand items.  You can also sign up to test products and get paid per item that you test.

You will even get paid something just for signing up with the site!

Swagbucks also pays you to surf the net and shop online and play games online!

This is a great option for those who already have a blog.

SponsoredReviews let you post sponsored posts on your site that allow you to write or repost content from other sites. This will allow you to monetize your site per review.

The very best part about this option is that it is free to sign up and you will be well on your way to make 200 dollars fast with passive income.


This is the cousin site to Swagbucks and works in the same way.  You join the site and get paid to take surveys on various products and items.

The nice part about InboxDollars is that you have lots of opportunities to get paid to surf the web, shop online and play games. InboxDollars also pays you for referring friends! 

One of the most fun ways to make money on this site is providing feedback on TV Commercials. A lot of the commercials have not aired yet so you will be the first person to see them and comment on them!

Perhaps best of all, on this site you can earn through your automatic entry into their weekly sweepstakes each week.

How to Get Paid to Write Reviews Online in Your Free Time for Spare Income


This site pays $10 per review and lets you make review videos of the products that you are testing.

If you are really comfortable with creating video content and enjoy doing this kind of review, you will have a lot of fun with this site.

Because most people are not that comfortable with video reviews, you will not have that much competition for jobs and this site can set you up handily to make 200 dollars fast!


This site, which is owned by Youtube, allows you to negotiate your payment for your reviews and also the sites that you review from.

After you win the jobs you have bid on, you share them on your social media, blog or Youtube channel.

The standards are high on this site, but the payouts are also much higher.


If you like having carefully outlined goals, CrowdTap gives you daily missions to complete.

You sign up for the missions and then are offered products to review. You are usually paid with gift cards, product samples and merchandise.

They offer daily polls and surveys to take for additional points each day.

This is a great way to score items that you need which will save you money on buying make up, hair products and lots of other essentials.


This is a British review site that is open to global users.

You shop for products to review and then submit reviews for them through a handy submission form.

These jobs pay in Amazon gift certificates and you can get great deals on items using Amazon’s marketplace.

Amazon gift cards are as good as cash and can really help you out if you need some extra funds.

Shared Reviews:

Shared Reviews is a review site that offers people the chance to post short reviews on products that they are interested in.

The review opportunities are categorized by type so you can shop for items that you are interested in or that you already are familiar with.

You can be paid more if you add photos to your reviews and create professional reviews that gain attention. On this site, your profile is ranked and you will gain expertise points as you use the site.

Shared Reviews offers better payments as you gain reputation on the platform, making it a great option to make 200 dollars fast simply by talking about products you are already enjoying.


Another UK based site, this is a sharing site that again allows you to write product reviews.

You get paid per individual review and can withdraw funds when you have only £5 in your account!

This is a great tandem site to use with other review sites to help you to meet your earnings goals quickly and easily. 

Gen Video:

This is a favorite of reviewers because it places an emphasis on video creation to help sell and explain products.

Gen video works in tandem with Youtube and you are able to earn revenue off your posted videos as well, which can be a great source of passive income.

The site will also allow you to double post videos on Amazon, making it possible to double your income with a single review.


If you already have a blog that is up and running, joining this site will allow you to sign up for jobs that ask for product reviews sponsored by advertisers.

You may be mailed products to review or you might be asked to write about items that you can check out online.

Reviews pay about 20.00 each, so it is easy to see how quickly this could add up for you.

The additional traffic generated to your site can be invaluable as well.

How to Get Paid to Write Reviews Online in Your Free Time for Spare Income

Monetize a Blog:

If you already have a blog with an audience, you can monetize it easily using GoogleAdsense or sponsored product ads.

Once you are open to making money off your blog, you will be approached by companies asking you to do featured product reviews for them.

This can turn into a nice little chunk of change each month and an added benefit is the neat products that you will be given just for taking the time to make a video to help make the items familiar to others online. 

Having a monetized blog is usually the first step for those who are able to support themselves 100% through their blog or website.

If you are wanting to learn more about how to become an entrepreneur who sets their own hours and works on things they feel passionate about, these 10 entrepreneurship books will help you to grow your business and free yourself from your hourly job.


This is a great way for bloggers to get connected with paid reviews.

You submit your blog to the site and then businesses approach you to do reviews for them.

You can also bid on jobs on the site that you think will be a good fit for your blog.

This can be a great way to add additional income opportunities to your blog and can certainly help to drive traffic to your blog as well.


If you want to get paid by advertisers, this is a great way to do it.

Your reviews of blogs and sites and products can be posted here if you sign up for free.

Many prominent companies use this site and this can be a great way to build lasting advertising relationships with these prominent businesses.

Software Judge:

For those who are really familiar with software, this site let you review software programs.

You can choose from anything listed on the site and review based on categories of products.

You can also suggest programs to add to the site for reviews.

The site starts out paying small amounts but once you are established on the site you can earn as much as $50 per review.

Getting set up on a review site can mean the difference between success and failure if you are writing reviews to make a significant income.

However, you need to remember that the quality of your review is as essential as the need to appeal to your audience.

You will also need to meet the needs of the company that asked you to do the review.

It is always wise to remember that you can put effort into your own personal blog and start to make money directly through your own site by attracting advertisers to your work.


If you are starting to earn some extra cash through reviews but are still struggling to budget, here is a great article with some additional ways to earn cash fast.

If you are able to balance your expenses against the increased income that you are earning from posting reviews and getting involved in product testing, you will find that earning extra cash can really set you up for success.

Hard work and a thorough look as your budget can make working on product reviews more lucrative than you might think!

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