How to Get Traffic from Guest Blogging

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If you own a blog, you should know that you don’t exist in a void, but there is a blogosphere. That means there are many blogs in your niche that tackle almost the same topics as you do. Guest blogging is the best way to benefit from these blogs.

So, the question then becomes: what is guest blogging?

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Guest blogging is when you write and publish an article on someone else’s blog. This is like going to someone TV Show as a guest and speaking about a certain topic, but it is in the form of an article.

I have made a video explaining how to benefit the most from Guest Blogging. Watch it down below!

What Are the Benefits of Guest Posting?

There are many advantages to having your articles published on somebody else’s website. While I won’t go into detail about each of them, you will be able to see the bigger picture.

Brand authority

When you are writing online on your blog, you want to be considered an authority in your niche. That remains the same goal when you publish guest posts. It tells your reader (and the other blog’s readers) that you are an expert in this niche. That is why you should aim to be published in industry leading blogs to earn positive karma from them.

Free traffic

Once you are considered an authority in your niche, many will come to visit your blog to learn more from you. When you show your expertise on others’ blogs, you get the attention of new blog visitors. You start driving ‘free’ traffic to your blog and make more money from them.

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Generate Leads

The more traffic, the more the leads you can generate. I think this is quite simple. If you have published quality content (and you should), then many people will trust you as a valid source of information. If you have any services or products to sell, you will earn a few more sales thanks to guest blogging.


One of the main reasons guest blogging exists is because of its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits. When you are writing a guest post, you include a link or two to articles on your blog. You also have a link to your homepage in your author bio description box. This means a total of 3 valuable backlinks.

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Now that you know the benefits of guest blogging and you’re ready to get started, let’s talk about the steps you need to take.

Step 1: Find Where to Publish Guest Posts

The fact that there are many blogs in your niche does not mean you can publish an article on all of them. You need to search and filter these blogs to select the right ones for your brand.

The first thing to do is a Google search using “Keyword + guest post” or “Keyword + write for us”. This search will show you the blogs that accept guest bloggers regularly and are willing to accept your content.

You can also search for “lists of blogs that accept guest posts”. This will bring up many huge lists that have hundreds of blogs that accept or used to accept guest posts. They usually are organized by industry, so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Step 2: Reach Out to the Owners

If a blogger accepts guest posts, they usually have a “guest post guidelines” page. (We call it “Write For Us”, other can call it “Work With Us” or something in those lines). The point is there is a page that indicates how to reach out to these bloggers.

If a blogger does not have such a page, they likely don’t accept guest posts. You can still try your luck, though.

Use their contact page or find their email and reach out to them nicely. You may have some luck that way.

I recommend you start by commenting and sharing their content on social media for a couple of weeks before making any advance in emails. You want them to know you’re a valuable asset and not just a one-time of person.

Step 3: Write relevant content to both your site and their blog

This should go without saying, but here I am saying it.

Before you write any guest posts, you should see whether it fits within your niche and whether it will interest the audiences of both blogs. You want your readers to find the article helpful, and you want the readers of the other blog to enjoy it as well.

Usually, in the guideline’s page, there is a list of topics they accept. You can always negotiate titles and topics with the blogger when you reach out to them.

screenshot from our guest blogging guidelines showing the topics we accept
These are the topics we currently accept from guest bloggers.

As long as you both benefit from this relationship, everyone will be happy.

If you are not that good of a writer, you can ask someone on your team to do the writing for you. Or you should find a freelance writer with experience in your niche so they can write in detail about your topic. Always add a personal touch to the final article, though. And make sure it is high quality so that the blogger may accept your next guest posting pitch with no issues.

(Freelance content writers can learn how to make money with their skill in this blog post.)

Step 4: rinse and repeat

If you have landed one guest post, don’t stop there. Find other bloggers and reach out to them as well.

You should aim to get as many articles published on as many authoritative websites in your niche as possible. The more, the better.

If you are just starting out in the blogging world, then you may find it difficult to land a guest post in the highest authority sites. And that’s okay.

You should start small (sites below 20 DA (Moz Domain Authority Metric) are okay as long as they seem to be growing in size and aren’t spammy) and make your way up to the industry leaders.


That is not all, I have one more thing for you


Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is a service you may not have heard of. You can join this service by becoming a source of information.

HARO connects journalists, bloggers, authors of all kinds with “sources”. They usually have people working with high influencer networks such as CNN, Huffington Post, and others.

They will reach out to you 3 times a day, 5 times a week with more than 50 questions.

You can choose those relevant to you and answer them. Then, the journalists and bloggers will filter through the responses and choose those that they can use in their posts.

You won’t get all your responses accepted, but if you land 3 per week, that is extremely beneficial.


Guest posting is an old trick that existed before the internet and will exist beyond it. It aims at helping you gain more exposure and be visible to your target audience. With the steps outlined above, you can start to grow your business and blog by getting huge benefits from guest blogging.

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