How to Monetize a Website: 27 Proven Methods to Make Money From Your Website or Blog

How to monetize a website

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Have you ever wanted to run your own website? Are you currently running a website but just not making quite enough money off of it to stay afloat? If you are trying to figure out how to make income from your website or blog, expert advice can make the difference between making it or faking it.

Getting a website established that makes money for you is not as hard as you might think. If you have your content sorted out and your website up and running, monetizing it is the next logical step. Using proven methods and tips and tricks from the experts can make it a breeze to monetize your website or blog. 

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Blog traffic is perhaps even more important than traffic to a web site and offers some unique challenges that website traffic drivers do not have to overcome.

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27 Ways How to Monetize A Website

Ready to turn your hobby or your passion into a money-maker?

Our list of 27 proven ways to monetize and grow your website or blog into a successful income generator will get you there!

1. Use Affiliate Marketing:

This is one of the most popular and most efficient ways to make money from your website or your blog.

This type of monetization depends on the promotion of a product.

You will endorse this product on your website and promote it to email subscribers.

If you are good at making this product resonate with your followers and those that visit your blog or your website, you will make money each time someone clicks on your affiliate link to the product.

Commissions vary from 30 percent to 70 percent. These are simply referrals, so you can imagine that if you grow your traffic significantly, you can make a lot of money very quickly, without doing any work at all!

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, read our great article to get you started.

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2. Sell Some Ad Space:

Another great way to monetize your website or blog is to sell ad space directly.

Companies are often looking for slots to advertise sponsored blogs or products. Each ad location on your website can be sold for varying rates based upon exposure. You will get paid based upon how many visitors come to your site.

These visits are paid in CPM, which pays per thousand impressions.

Say your CPM is $5. If your page is visited 100,000 times a month, you will generate $500 just from selling this type of ad space. You can elect to have the space rent be paid at the beginning of each month as a flat fee as well. 

how to monetize a website with ads

3. Pay Per Click Ads:

These ads often show up at the top of google search results. You can also get pay per click monetization on your site by linking up with AdSense which allows those seeking to insert ads into ideal places where they will get a lot of traffic to connect with your site.

This is one of the most straightforward ways to advertise and starts to work for you as soon as people start clicking on the ads on your page. Clicks pay between 50 cents and 5 dollars, and these little ads are often the way that websites make thousands of dollars every month.

4. Take Donations from Visitors:

Say your site or blog doesn’t get tons of monthly visits but you do have a strong and consistent community that is engaged with your content?

Taking donations on your site will not make as much money as some of the other monetization options on this list, but it can really help out, especially when your site is new.

PayPal is one of the many entities that offer a donation button that can be added to your home page to make donations quick and easy for your audience.

Just add the link to your page and watch the donations roll in!

5. Sell a Digital Product Like an Ebook:

Selling your own product can make the most money for you in many cases.

You are cutting out the middle man when you sell directly, making the profit all yours.

The one downside to this option is that there will be many hours of unpaid time in building the product before it can start making return investment money for you. Making sure that you have a strong landing page for your product is essential and it is also very important to make people aware of the product through emails and other forms of outreach.

6. Generate Leads for Others:

Businesses need leads to be able to sell their products and their services to customers. Businesses are always trying to hunt down new ways to generate leads. Leads can be paid for by others in many ways, but often you can be compensated even for providing phone numbers to businesses looking to market to a larger audience.

This option to monetize a website works best if you are offering services on your site that can then create leads for a similar or related business.

There are also apps that you can work with to help create these leads more easily.

7. Use Sponsored Posts:

If you have a high level of visitor traffic to your page each day, you are prepared to take advantage of the sponsored ad.

Companies will be eager to pay for ads for their products and services to be placed on your page if you can prove that your daily traffic is large enough to meet their needs.

Another way to provide this type of service to other entities that are willing to pay for the ads if to produce advertorials. These clever little info dumps are partially informative from your perspective about a product or service and partially just an ad.

Reviews can drive money into your pocket just as well as direct ads.

8. Create and Build an Email List:

Having a large email list can really help you to spread the word about your products and services. Sending out email blasts and other forms of email outreach is very easy. Using sites like MailChimp, you can design and schedule email advertising to run on a schedule and then walk away and let it do its thing.

Make sure that you have an option on your home page for visitors to click and add their email to your mailing list. Another thing to keep in mind is that you will need to sending out content that is related to what your email list will be interested in so that you do not annoy them enough that they unsubscribe. The people on your email list will follow the handy links in your blasts back to your site and earn you money per click or for purchasing sponsored products.

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9. Make an E-Commerce Site:

This one is a bit of work, but it can be worth it.

E-Commerce sites are often focused on tools or products or may even topics of interest.

Picking a niche category for an e-Commerce site is usually best since the competition in this arena is fierce. If you have a product that is performing well for you and you are good at creating interesting content and driving clicks and views to your site, you will appreciate the income-earning power of an e-commerce site.

how to monetize a website with e commerce

10. Set up and RSS Feed:

This option sets up ad space in the content of an RSS feed which is dropped to subscribers whenever new content is delivered on the feed. This may not drive a lot of additional clicks for anything other than products but it can be a good option for certain websites and blogs.

11. Have Premium Level Content:

If you have a site that is booming and your content is a big part of what is driving that interest. Making sure that you offer up premium content that is only available for an additional charge can really help fill in the gaps in your income quickly. If you need help working out what kind of content best drives clicks, we have some handy tools here.

12. Use Infolinks:

Infolinks drives additional clicks just like AdSense and it has the added benefit of being even easier to set up than AdSense. The only downside to this option is that sometimes conversion rates are not as good as with AdSense.

13. Employ Content Lockers:

Sort of like offering premium content, info locks hold content until someone pays to unlock viewing it.

You can even offer them the content simply for clicking on an ad.

14. Use Ad Networks:

This is a great option if your content is already optimized and has keywords already in place. To monetize your website using this option, google searches your site’s content and matches it with ads that are then placed on your page. The correct placement of the right products is everything and Google can help you to get the right ads on your page to generate clicks. Average estimated income for this option is about $3000 a month.

15. Use Repixel:

This form of advertising links other businesses in your field and who sell similar products together with you so that you both can help to market for one another. Driving clicks to competitor’s sites and products can be very mutually beneficial.

This is truly passive income when using a platform like Repixel who does all the work for you.

16. Make Your Site Your Portfolio:

If you have more than one site that you are running, you can drive business from one site to another using your portfolio of expertise in the field. You might also get the chance to work on collaborative paid projects or speaking and consulting jobs. 

how to monetize a website being a consultant

17. Be a Consultant:

If you feel that you can offer services that others would pay for, you can make consulting part of the services that you offer on your blog or website. This is a great way to make some additional money while more passive sources of income are working in the background. 

18. Allow People to Become Members:

Charging a small membership fee and then offering people who elect to become members exclusive access to unique content can be a great way to grow your audience while also making some extra cash. You can even add levels of membership to suit the needs of all the users on your site.

19. Consider Creating Tutorials or Webinars:

Discussing the benefits of the products and services on your website with your audience can really help to get them to connect with you as a company and can also help to drive clicks or visits to your site. If you already have some content that has been made with the intent of educating visitors about your industry, product or service, monetizing it can be easy and can make you lots of extra money.

20. Podcast Subscriptions:

While running and creating a podcast can be a lot of work, but if you have a large audience for your pod, it is very easy to run ads online for the podcast while also driving loyal members to become subscribers. Growing your audience to include subscribers creates a more loyal following for your site and can really help with some extra cash per download or per click.

21. Market Content:

The content of your website can make all the difference in how many clicks your site gets and how many people are buying your products.

Creating unique content is very important to the success of a website, and the better and more unique your voice is, the more likely you are to make some cash with your ads and other money-making options that you already have in place.

22. Use Audio Ads:

This is a newer option but it is great because it allows even the sight-impaired to be engaged with your content. 

An additional perk is that audio ads are very noticeable and can break the monotony of scrolling through ad page of text.

23. Banner Ads:

Banner ads carry more risk than some of the other clickable ads that you can place on your site, but the income earned per visit or per click is scaled accordingly. This is an easy way to monetize your website and can generate lots of clicks. Average estimated income for banner ads is 2.80 per 1,000 displays.

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24. Buy and Resell Websites:

If you have the know-how to get a website up and running and stable quickly, you can flip websites and make some great cash. This is monetization that works rather like buying and flipping homes but it can be a great way to make extra cash easily while still working on websites every day. You will still need to know how to monetize and get a site working well first, but reselling that site can generate good seed money for larger projects or for your next and bigger website idea.

25. Build a Tool People Want to Buy:

Having tools that people can pay for on your site can drive a lot of traffic to the site and can also make you great cash on the sales of the tool. Being able to sell your creative tool ideas can also help you to make a name for yourself on your site, which will increase clicks and other views exponentially.

26. Offer Coupons:

Leverage your email list and other tools to generate coupons that will drive people back to your site.

You can even host coupons like ads with a click-through income base. This will help you to generate traffic as well as sales of products on your site while still making passive income.

27. Host Polls on Your Site:

This is an easy way to drive traffic to your site and to engage your followers while also making money for the site each time someone takes the poll. It is easy to create and add these clever additions to your site and you will be pleased with all the information value that they provide alongside the passive income.


Monetizing a website or a blog can be one of the best ways to make a great consistent, passive income if you are working online all day as a creator of content.

Just writing your content and putting it out onto your page will not generate the kind of income that monetization will. Using these tips and tricks will help save you time when you are ready to set up the monetization on your site and will get you on the road to financial comfort offered by your web page all by itself.

Many content creators are constantly struggling to make money despite having a personal web page or blog that they are managing every day. Don’t miss out! Get some monetization options running on your page and you will be freed of the struggle to make consistent income forever.

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