How To Start A WordPress Blog With Siteground

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How to Start A Blog (Even If You’re New)

Starting a blog may seem scary to you, especially if you’re not the most tech savvy person in the world. However, one of the easiest ways to get started is with Siteground Hosting and WordPress, so here’s exactly how to start a WordPress blog with SiteGround.

Maybe you want to blog for personal reasons, maybe you see others making a ton of money on their blog and you want to get in on the action.

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Whatever your reason is, rest assured that it’s actually very easy to do. This post will walk you through the simple steps to set up your own blog even if you’re new or not so tech savvy.

NOTE: This post gives you a great overview of how to start a blog with Siteground hosting, and I have also created a Blogging & Traffic Primer Course you can check out as well. I have also created my Blogging & Traffic Masterclass due to high demand as well.

Decide Your Niche

What do you want to write about? Maybe you want to start a cooking blog. Maybe you want to start a motivational blog. Maybe you want to simply start a lifestyle blog and blog about your life. Or maybe even a travel blog. The possibilities are endless, and it’s up to you to decide what you will be most satisfied blogging about.

Think Of A Name

Some people definitely overthink this. For me, I knew I wanted to name my blog “Action Taking Mogul” because I feel like a tremendous action taker and it’s brought me so many great results. So, I wanted that to help inspire others to take action with the right guidance and see the same results I ended up getting. Don’t over-complicate it. It can start off as simple as “Jenny’s Budgeting Tips” or “Cooking For All”. You can jot down some ideas on a piece of paper or just wing it. Don’t get too hung up on this step, you can always change the name later too!

Get Your Domain Name and Hosting

I personally love Siteground Hosting. They are actually one of the few hosting providers outside this giant “corporate conglomerate” of hosting providers under a parent company. I personally believe that’s why the support is so amazing as well as the speed and ease of use.

You can either buy your domain direct from Siteground, when you sign up with them you get a free domain. Another option is get it from for a very low price (usually $2.99 for the first year). However, the Siteground deal for the free domain is definitely the best option if you’ll be getting their hosting anyway.

As for what kind of domain you want, it can honestly be anything. If you already thought of a title for your blog, you will want to make it the title. Some advice would be to tailor it around what your site is about. For example:

You can call a fishing blog,

Or you can call your personal blog,

That should give you an idea of what kind of domain to use. It can also just be your name if you want to personally brand yourself. So My best advice would be not to overthink this step or waste too much time trying to make it “perfect”. Think of a cool domain and go with that one.

Are you struggling to get more traffic and leads without breaking the bank? Get my Pinterest Traffic Playbook for free, showing how I've driven 1.5 million pageviews to my websites with a unique Pinterest strategy that you can replicate.

A lot of people ask about getting a different extension because their main extension (.com) domain is already taken. If you care about eventually ranking in Google for your posts, you will want to try to get a .com domain as they usually rank much easier. If you don’t care, you can go for any other extension.

Install WordPress

Once you have hosting, you simply want to navigate to your Siteground member’s area. click on My Accounts, and then go to CPanel.

how to start a wordpress blog with siteground


Once you’re inside CPanel, scroll down to the Software and Services section, then click “Softaculous”.


Once you do that, Click on “WordPress”

how to start a wordpress blog with siteground

Once you click WordPress, you will be able to set up your site with WordPress in just a couple of minutes.

First, select the domain of the site you want to install it on (if this is your first domain which it most likely is, that is the one you will select…the one from our previous steps).

how to start a wordpress blog with siteground

Next, enter your username and password for logging into the site, as well as a support email in case you ever forget your password and need it emailed (My advice is use your primary email address that you check regularly).

how to start a wordpress blog with siteground


Once you’re done, scroll down to the “Install” button and within a minute, WordPress will be fully installed on your site!

You can log in using and the username/password you input above.

Pick a Theme

Now that you have WordPress installed, you need to pick a theme for your site.

There are a ton of free themes, and also themes you can pay for that are generally much nicer and have fewer people using the same one, giving your site a point of uniqueness and more individuality.

I personally like using Flatsome (the same theme I’m using on this blog). I also use SmartTheme from OptimizePress on other blogs. (Check out my resource page for my tools I recommend).

If you want to go with a free theme, you can go to Appearance --> Themes directly in your WordPress and find something there. You can also Google Search for “free wordpress themes”.

how to start a wordpress blog with siteground

From there you can either upload a theme you got from elsewhere (either that you bought or got free) or browse themes directly inside WordPress.

how to start a wordpress blog with siteground

Once you install your theme, you can usually find some very simple tutorials on how to use it and customize it online. Most themes are very straightforward and come with a minimal learning curve (meaning you can understand the whole theme in about 10-15 minutes of navigating it).

Once you have reached this part, you’re ready for the next step!

Get A Logo

If you want to have an awesome logo for your site, you can go to Fiverr.

I get amazing logos for 5 dollars. Sometimes 10. Just search for “logo” on Fiverr and you can filter by how many reviews or how high of a rating the freelancer has, check out their samples, then hire them for 5 dollars.

Get Your First Post Up

Once you have a theme installed and you’ve gotten the logo installed (should have a tutorial video showing how to do this), then you’re ready to put your first post up!

Your first post can be about anything. It can be welcoming people to the blog and letting them know what it’s about, you can also start straight away on anything you want to blog about.

Simply go to Posts --> Add New.

how to start a wordpress blog with siteground

And from there you can type your blog post, and publish it to your site!

Keep Going With Content

Depending on how serious you want to take this blog, you can handle your content in one of two ways:

  1. Write your own content. If you want your blog to truly be yours and be your own words, you can write your own content. If your blog is something you don’t care about profiting from super quickly or maybe it’s just for friends to read, you can write all of your own content. Plenty of very successful blogs have just the main owner write all of the content. This, in my opinion, creates an honest and very high-quality blog. A genuine feeling. So, you can work on your own posts and keep growing your blog with your great content. People will love knowing the writing is all from you, making it super genuine and authentic.
  2. Outsource content. If you want to grow your blog super fast and get a ton of content out there, or maybe even if you don’t have a lot of time and want to have your blog growing even if you don’t have time to write, you can outsource your content. You can go to a site like Iwriter and order articles in any topic starting at $5-$7 in price. Next, writers will send you content and you can review it, ask for revisions, or reject the piece if you don’t like it. If you reject it, another writer will submit his version for review. You don’t pay for any content you don’t want, and can see which writers bring you the best content over time and keep using them. It’s super easy and cost-effective.

Set A Content Schedule

One of the easiest ways to grow a blog is set a content schedule. For Example:

-Post one new article every week

-Post one new article every day

Post three new articles every week

By doing this, you’re setting yourself up to consistently grow your blog and over time your mind will adapt to sticking to this schedule.

Graphics For Your Posts

If you want to get awesome graphics for your posts, you can either try to make them yourself with tools like or outsource the graphics to people on For Fiverr, just go there and type in “blog post graphics” in search, or even “blog graphics”.  Filter through the reviews and look at samples from different freelancers. Once you find one you like, order the graphic for $5.

Get Traffic

Next you can work on getting traffic to your web site.

There’s a few ways to do this. Here’s some introductory ways:

  1. Post your blog to your social media accounts: Post your blog posts to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and have friends and family who love you start to visit. This isn’t enough to be the next Buzzfeed, but it’s certainly a start.
  2. Create specific profiles for your blog. That means a Facebook Fan Page, Pinterest Account, Instagram Account, etc. and grow the followers by following people who like similar stuff to the content of your blog. It takes some time but it can really help your blog get some good traction.

Monetizing Your Blog

You can use many different programs to monetize your blog.

Two of the easiest ways are the Amazon Associates Program and Google Adsense.

Now, you know how to get your blog set up, how to post to it and make it look nice, how to get people to it and how to make money with it. Not bad for a day’s work, right? 🙂

Summary Of Steps

So here is the order of steps you should complete to get your blog set up quickly and easily:

  1. Sign up for SiteGround Hosting.
  2. Register your free domain with Siteground when you sign up now.
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Grab a nice theme, like one at Flatsome or OptimizePress or a free one.
  5. Get a logo at Fiverr
  6. Familiarize yourself with your theme a bit
  7. Get your first post up
  8. Up, up and away!!

That’s about as simple as it gets. Some people charge $500 just to do this for others, and people pay because they don’t know how.

You now know how to do it yourself which will save you the money you would have had to pay someone (and this is only 20-30 minutes time to set it up!) 🙂


So, I’m sure you see now that the curtain has been pulled back, it’s not so hard to set up your own web site. There’s no coding necessary, it’s very easy to do and can be done in 20-30 minutes worth of your time. Now, you know how to start a WordPress blog with Siteground hosting!

Once your blog is set up, you can start posting content on whatever you want and attracting a following.

I actually have put together a Blogging & Traffic Primer Course for you which goes over this post in a bit more detail in instructional videos delivered over 5 days. Once you go through that, if you want to take things to the next level and get even more advanced knowledge and direction, check out my Blogging & Traffic Masterclass as well.

I look forward to hearing your progress!

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