How To Use A Content Discovery Tool to Find Viral Topics and Get More Exposure

How To Use A Content Discovery Tool

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Do you struggle in thinking of a new topic for your blog? It’s a common dilemma in blogging regardless if you have a narrow or broad niche.

If you want to save hours brainstorming topics, I recommend you use a tool that will help you find the viral topics and trending types of content in your niche.

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When it comes to finding topics for my blog, I personally use Growth Commander.

I love this software because it’s more than just a great content discovery tool. It’s actually a versatile software that allows me to improve all aspects of marketing my content.

Haven’t tried any content discovery tool, like Growth Commander before? I recommend you try one now because apart from letting you discover the viral topics in your niche, it can do more to give you more exposure for your brand.

To help you maximize the benefits of a content discovery tool, here are the best ways to use it:

Use it to curate content in a fast manner.

Content curation takes time because before you reach the draft-writing stage, you have to go through the lengthy process of identifying the issues and outlining the key points to cover.

But you can’t just leave your audience waiting too long for your next blog post or video content. Consistency is one of the keys to successful content marketing.

For that matter, Growth Commander can help you identify the issues in your niche by showing you which topics are the most talked about in your niche.

Curating content will eventually take longer if you’re working with videos or graphics. But producing videos can be rewarding because according to the latest data, 80% of global internet consumption will be video content.

More than that, around 90% of consumers says that product videos are helpful in the decision process. Just to give you an example, have you wondered why skincare and beauty blogs are always viral?

How To Use A Content Discovery Tool to Find Viral Topics and Get More Exposure

Are you struggling to get more traffic and leads without breaking the bank? Get my Pinterest Traffic Playbook for free, showing how I've driven 1.5 million pageviews to my websites with a unique Pinterest strategy that you can replicate.

Because let’s admit it, when we are thinking of buying a new product we don’t head to the brick and mortar store right away.  

Today’s consumers will cross-check product reviews first or watch a YouTube tutorial before purchasing something.

If you are interested in producing a video, here are the series of actions usually involved in creating one:

  •        Determine your goal. What is your intention for creating such content? Is it to inform? To help your audience solve a problem? Or to engage? It’s easier to organize your content when you have a goal in mind.
  •        Brainstorm. Let’s say your intention is help fix an audience’s problem. In reality, it’s hard to begin with a draft if you don’t know which points to cover. Look at all the answers first, think of how you can make yours unique, and determine which angle to focus on.
  •        Think of a catchy title. This is your promise to your viewer. Make sure that it’s accurate and contains the necessary keywords.
  •        Write your script. Don’t forget to put emphasis on the most essential parts of a video: the intro, the hook, and the call-to-action.
  •        Record. Invest in a good camera and an audio recording device.
  •        Edit. Remove the unnecessary parts and make sure the video has a high resolution and a decent audio quality before publishing your video content.

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The intro can make or break your video content. It gives the viewers the things to expect and if they got bored the first few seconds, they will eventually leave and would not bother to watch your next videos ever again.

A “hook” is like an expansion of your intro. If your intent is to offer some help, the hook part should offer solutions to your audience. It’s the longest part and the most important part of your video content.

Call-to-action is important in video blogging as it is in article writing. It can be as simple as asking your viewers to subscribe or download something.

Producing a video should not be this complicated and time-consuming. You can make your life a little less complicated by using a reliable tool.

Growth Commander’s content creation studio is not just suitable for building blog posts. You can also use it to post videos and pictures of any type.

Using the software will give you an access to their massive database of royalty-free images and videos that you can use for your blogs.

Get free articles to post on your own website.

One of the advantages of using Growth Commander is you will get an access to free articles written by their authors.

This kind of feature is not something you will find with other content discovery tools so it’s kind of like a big bonus as a member.

It’s just like purchasing PLR content, which you can modify anyway you want and publish under your name on a blog or website.

If you don’t mind using a PLR for your blog or website or if you have been doing this before, you will be pleased with Growth Commander’s massive database of articles.

At $37 per month, this software is value for money because it already has all the features you will need for your content marketing campaign. It’s risk-free because they promise a 30-day refund policy on all plans.

There are a lot of things you can actually do with a free article. If you are thinking of creating an eBook that you can give for free, you may compile these free articles and modify them according to your style.

Of course, even if it’s free you need to make sure it is not posted as it is. Because if people see that it’s very similar to another blog post, you will likely sacrifice your credibility as a blogger.

Schedule when to produce your content.

For marketers who need to manage content for several websites, it’s a must to have a calendar so you will keep track of everything.

By planning your schedule ahead of time, you can also ensure you get more content out. It tackles one of the biggest challenges of content marketing, which is producing enough content.

Growth Commander’s scheduling tool is a simple tool that’s very handy because you can access it anytime of the day.

Since Growth Commander is cloud-based, you can access this scheduling tool anytime and anywhere using your mobile phone.

schedule How To Use A Content Discovery Tool to Find Viral Topics and Get More Exposure

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A scheduling tool, regardless of the software, is ideal for teams because you get to see who contributed to your website or blog in a prompt manner.

When you have a scheduling tool, the only rule is to stick to it so you will not miss anything.

Now, you might be wondering how often you should blog. It actually depends. Some bloggers are effective when they post everyday. Some bloggers only post three times a week.

You may actually experiment and see what works for you. Or if you don’t mind asking your readers, you may have a bit of a survey asking them their preferences, if they like to see more or fewer posts.

Analyze your search engine rankings.

It’s not just content discovery tools, but almost all content marketing software comes with an analysis and don’t ignore this one.

What I like about Growth Commander is that they have an SEO Analysis. This means you can figure out what it will take to rank for a certain keyword in Google.

How To Use A Content Discovery Tool to Find Viral Topics and Get More Exposure analyze traffic

Not all software for streamlining content has an SEO Analysis tool. I suggest you use this one because it will not keep you guessing how your keywords will perform when it’s published.

Growth Commander’s tool will show you the word count of your content, its keyword density, and if it appears on the title, images, and videos.

Build a list of your favorites and take inspiration from it.

Once you found the viral topics in your niche, it’s now easier to build a list of your favorites. The next step is to use that list as an inspiration for your succeeding posts.

You can use that for brainstorming blog post ideas. When it comes to brainstorming ideas, I like Jeff Bullas’ killer strategies.

One of his tips is to review your old content. For long-time bloggers, this will be applicable because you surely have popular posts on your site.

I agree with Jeff when he said repurposing a content opens up door for tons of new posts.

That makes sense. I did it several times and noticed that my succeeding posts continued to get likes and comments on Facebook, although not as much as my most popular post.


Sometimes, all the things we are looking for is just in one place. We sometimes try too many software only to end up using one because it makes our lives easier. In my case, I have proven Growth Commander to be a reliable tool for all my marketing needs, right from planning my content down to monitoring how it performed on search engines.

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