How To Use A Content Marketing Platform To Grow Your Brand, Traffic and Profits

How To Use A Content Marketing Platform

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Content marketing platform is a software that you can use to get more leads and revenue from your content. There are different kinds of tools out there and I compiled the best ones that will help you generate serious results.

The only way to figure out if a software is right for you is to try it first-hand. It is okay to look at reviews but you’ll never really know unless you used it yourself.

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Regardless of the content marketing platform you decided to use, here are the best ways to maximize results from it:

Use keywords wisely.

There are a lot of great keyword finders out there and one of the things I personally like is Growth Commander.

This tool lets you find trending content and viral topics in your niche, so you will have an idea what to write next.

Apart from Growth Commander, here are other tools that you can use to find the right set of words for your blog post:

  • Google Keyword Planner – a useful tool if you are looking for keywords in your Google Ads campaigns.
  • Display Purposes – if you are using Instagram, this tool generates the most appropriate #hashtags for your photos.
  • BuzzStream – recommended for extracting page title, description, and keywords from URLs.
  • Jaaxy – lets you see how many websites are trying to rank for a particular keyword.
  • – allows you to see the top performing keywords from your competitor’s website.

Once you have a list of keywords for your next posts, think of possible topics or blog titles. Don’t forget to include those words in the blog title, in the first 100 words, and near the end of your post.

Use a tool to improve your social media presence.

You can always share on social media manually but to save you time, especially if you are advertising on more than one platform, it helps to automate sharing.

A social media marketing tool can be very useful in growing your brand. Aside from letting you post on your desired schedule, it lets you see how your post is doing.

Buffer, for instance, is one of the most recognized tools, because it lets users check which of their posts is the most effective and why people like it.

How To Use A Content Marketing Platform social media

If you are thinking of advertising on Instagram, consider a software called Later. It lets you plan and schedule your Instagram posts ahead of time. It can be used for managing multiple accounts and also for scheduling video posts.

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Like other social media automation apps, Later comes with analytics so you will get insights regarding your post. It will suggest the best times to post and it will show you your engagement rates. This way, you will have an idea how to improve your Instagram presence.

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Set and organize your tasks.

Your job as a marketer only begins when the content is created. To help you be in charge of everything, consider a task management platform like Trello.

My favorite Trello feature is the Kanban board, because it streamlines work based on their progress. It makes life easier for content marketers because you can organize your content based on labels and tags.

While it’s good for collaboration, Trello is not just for teams. You can use it for managing your personal projects like your blog or website. It’s a nice tool to have when planning your content. If you are looking for Trello alternatives, these task management platforms are also worth a try:

  • Taskworld
  • Kanbanize
  • LeanKit
  • Paymo
  • Breeze

Organizing your tasks is crucial especially if you are working with a team. You can easily map out your content calendar when everything is documented. But more than that, a task management platform will somehow serve as your reminder so you would not forget anything.

Put your social media pages in order.

It’s so easy to create a Facebook page but managing it can be time-consuming, especially if you are a growing brand. If you haven’t created one for your blog or for your small business, I suggest you start now.

What’s great about social media is you have more freedom in terms of the type of content you want to create. You can engage your audience through memes, viral videos, jokes, and contests as well as giveaways.

Another great thing about marketing on social media, like Facebook, is that you will get an analysis for your posts. Should you require a more in-depth one, consider a separate Facebook analyzer tool like:

  •        ViralWoot
  •        Quintly
  •        Cyfe
  •        Keyhole
  •        Klout
  •        IBM Watson Personality Insights

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Be more creative with your content.

You can use a tool to give your existing content an extra oomph. For example, you can create an infographic, a video, or even a podcast out of your most popular post with Crello.

A blog is just one of the many forms of content. In modern marketing, marketers are exploring more engaging types of content, like interactive content because more and more people find them engaging.

If you want to take your content to the next level and would like to animate your graphics, try Canva Animations. You can use it for telling stories and create presentations for your products or services.

Maintain your leads

Generating leads is your goal as a content marketer but it’s not the end of your job. To convert your leads into customers, you need to exert twice the effort nurturing them.

How are you going to do that? Use a content marketing platform that will help you maintain them. Fresh sales is one of the top-rated ones out there because it also allows sending emails to your leads in just a click.

Should you need help automating your email campaigns and tracking your customers using analytics, I suggest you use a tool like Campaign Monitor.  

Zoho CRM is Customer Relationship Management software to help you manage your leads and your documents as well as apps. It can be used across all channels but one of its notable features is the Zoho SalesInbox that will organize your emails according to the CRM pipeline.

Embed social media feeds on your website.

Displaying social media feeds on your blog is one way to let your site visitors know that you are on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. It’s a creative way to grow your brand.

You can create a social wall with the help of a tool like Taggbox. Simply embed it on your website and voila, you can display your live social media feeds to your website visitors. It’s easy to use you will not need a knowledge in coding.

Taggbox can be aggregated with various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Track your mentions.

Part of growing a brand is monitoring how people find your brand. In case there are negative feedbacks about your products and services, you can do something and save your online reputation.

Remember, people use the Internet as a guide before making a purchasing decision. A survey found that 90% of consumers say their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews.

Google Alerts is the most popular platform when it comes to tracking mentions on the Internet. It works by notifying you when someone mentions your brand.

If you need a tool that will also alert you when you’re mentioned on social media, use a reputation management solution like Mention for Facebook and Twitter Advanced Search Tool.

How To Use A Content Marketing Platform seo

Improve your SEO Strategies.

What are the aspects of SEO you need to work on? To help you analyze your issues, use a tool like Peek. If you struggle in auditing your on-page optimization, SEO Quake can be of great help.

One of the things that will help you improve your SEO is to see how your website is positioned in search engines. It lets you see the health of your site while keeping track of what your competition is up to.

Serprobot is one of the tools you can use to check, track and monitor your search engine keyword ranking. It’s free but they also have paid version that lets you check more keywords daily.

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Produce more well-written emails.

At a time when blogging and creating infographics are a trend, we should not forget one form of content: emails. If you think email is so old-school, think again. Email marketing is here to stay.

So instead of forgetting about sending emails, focus on creating beautiful ones instead. Bee is a platform that you can use to design stunning emails.

Once you’re done creating your email, send it all at once using MailChimp. If you need to check the spaminess of an email, use a tool like Mail Tester.

Publish better copies.

A good copy should be readable and should not have errors. It should also be unique. It should not have many lengthy sentences. Your reader will likely abandon the site if there’s just a sea of text.

If you can’t pay for an editor, at least use a tool that will check your text for mistakes. Grammarly does just that apart from improving your readability.

It’s free and you can install it as a browser extension. This way, all your copies right from social media posts to emails will be checked before you send or post them.

For more in-depth checking, Hemingway is usually the tool of choice. It will not check for grammatical or spelling errors just like what Grammarly does. But it will highlight wordy sentences or those in passive voice so you can correct them.

How To Use A Content Marketing Platform analytics

Check your website’s performance.

Have you audited your website? If not, it’s time to do so because it helps you figure out how your website is doing in terms of speed or how long your audience stayed on a specific page.

See if your website loads fast enough using a website speed tool. It should load instantly, otherwise your visitor will abandon you. Your goal is to keep your audience engaged so he or she will stay on your site longer.

If your website does not load as it should, you may contact your hosting provider. But if you don’t want to have problems regarding speed, I suggest you run your website on Siteground. They are one of the premium choices out there and they will impress you with their amazing service.

There are a lot of free tools, that are as reliable as premium ones.  Pingdom has a free version that is so easy to use it is suitable even for beginners.

It works by helping you gain instant insights into your website’s availability and performance. This way, you will have an idea how to provide your users with an amazing experience.

Look for platforms to publish your content.

A content syndication platform like Medium can improve your relationship with your audience. Let’s say you already have a number of Facebook and Twitter followers.

Medium identifies who among your followers are on the said platform and they will be automatically connected to you.

But beyond linking to your existing followers, it allows you create new engagements. You will eventually get more views when your content is featured on Medium’s top stories.

What’s great about this platform is you don’t need to come up with a new article just for them. Simply import your previous articles, edit, and format it if you want and publish.

Smedian is a web app built like Medium but it’s for people who need help reaching a larger audience on the latter.

By joining the community of Medium writers, you will get a chance to expedite your growth as a content creator.


Use a content marketing platform the best way possible and watch your brand grow. As a content creator myself, I believe that it’s not just enough to produce great content and wait for things to happen. We also need to use tools to make our jobs easier and more efficient, so we can succeed in this tough competition.

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