How to Use Trello to Improve Your Business

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It is crucial for a business to be very well-organized. When you are working in an online capacity, there is one tool that you should definitely be using. It’s called Trello.

There is no way you can keep your business organized if you are not actively trying to do so. You can try using sticky notes or small boards next to your desk, but as the business grows, you need one tool to rule them all. In other words, you need to put and find everything related to your business next moves in one place.

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That is exactly where Trello comes in.

I have made a video explaining how you can use Trello to improve your business. Watch it down below.

Before going forward, we need to talk about what Trello is and how it can help your business.

What is Trello

According to their own About Page:

Trello is the easy, free, flexible, and visual way to manage your projects and organize anything, trusted by millions of people from all over the world.

Trello is a tool that you can use to create and follow the progress you’re business is making through creating projects boards, individual projects task cards, and managing team members by assigning tasks, setting checklists and deadlines.

While this tool is mainly used by teams, you can use this for your own personal “business”. It helps you keep track of your own progress whether in private or professional goals. It all depends on the project you are currently working on.

How to Use Trello to Improve Your Business

Now that we know what Trello is, we can start talking about how to use it for your business. With the right use, this tool can help you manage big or small projects with small or large teams. The important part is that there is nothing too fancy about it.

Trello has a simple and clean design. You can’t get confused when you are using it. So, let’s get started:

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1 – Create Your Trello Account

screenshot of how to create your trello account

The first is creating an account on Trello. You will be asked to use your email account, and you should verify it before your account gets closed. You must have a verified account to keep using the services of Trello.

Therefore, make sure you enter the right email when you first sign up. You can still edit it out if you unintentionally make a mistake.

Once you create the account, you should head to your email inbox. There, you will find an email from Trello team welcoming you on board and asking you to click on a special link to verify ownership of the account.

One simple click on the link and you are officially a Trello user.

2 – Create Your Board

Once your account is created and verified, you can enjoy the services of Trello. The first thing to do is to start creating your project boards.

One click and an untitled board is created with three lists: “To Do”, “In Progress”, and “Done”.

You can easily change the title of the board from “Untitled” to your project title (e.g., “Content Schedule for August). You can then edit the titles for each of the lists based on what you want them to signify.

Usually, keeping them as they are is well-enough. Others may want to add more lists to fit their needs.

Following our example, you can have up to five lists on one board:

Topic Title – In Writing – In Editing – Schedule for Publishing – In Promotion

screenshot of step 2 of using trello to improve business by creating a board and setting up lists

As you can see, based on what your project, you can create as many lists as needed. Trello is there to help you streamline and keep track of your progress. You can only do that if your boards are set up to represent how much progress you are making.

3 – Create and Edit Cards

The best thing, for me personally, about Trello is how much functionality there is in this tool. You can create cards for every list on your board. There is no minimum or maximum.

You can move these cards from one list to the next with a simple mouse movement. That is one way to keep track of your progress when you are working on your business projects.

screenshot of how to make the best of trello cards to improve business

These cards can represent general tasks (or in our example, article titles) that you are working on. Each card can be modified on its own. Trello allows you to add a description of the task, a checklist of requirements, and have comments enabled on each card. It also allows you to add attachments to the cards. And finally, you can add members to the card as it signifies their assignment.

4 – Invite People to Board

Probably the hardest part of running a business with more than yourself as an employee is keeping track of how is in charge of doing what. Trello effectively solves this problem by allowing you to create and manage teams based on projects (boards). You can assign individual or groups members one or multiple tasks by adding them to your group board and tagging them in their individual cards.

screenshot of how to use trello to invite team members and employees

Yes, it’s that simple. Once you select who is going to do a task, they receive a notification telling them that they have a new task at hand.

This way you always know who completes their tasks on time and who requires more supervision.


Let’s have a look at a made-up project board I have set up on a new Trello account:

 screenshot of a fake project board on trello to show how to use it for business


As you can see, Trello is an incredible way of organizing your business and keeping track of your overall progress. You don’t have to stress about which task you forgot to do as they are always there for you to check on.


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