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How to Use Tumblr to Make More Money for Your Business - Action Taking Blogger

How to Use Tumblr to Make More Money for Your Business

how to use tumblr to make more money for your business

 This is a guest post by Vladimir Covic. If you’d like to write for Action Taking Blogger, please visit our Guest Posting Guidelines page

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Are you starting an online business? Perhaps you already have one, but things haven’t gone the way you wanted. Promoting your online business on social media is an important part of your business strategy and fortunately, there is no lack of platforms you can use to engage and interact with your customers and showcase your brand, products, and services.

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When it comes to social media, Facebook is considered by most online marketers as a must-have. Not surprisingly, since it boasts more than 2 billion active users each month. Everyone’s on Facebook, including your grandma.

But Facebook isn’t the only player in the town. In fact, it can be hard to get noticed on FB and many online businesses never had much success with it. Whether because it’s so crowded or because they felt they could better interact with their target audience on other platforms, such Pinterest, Twitter or YouTube, instead of or in addition to Facebook, they switched to these.

And then, there is one social and blogging platform that has stayed well under the radar. That’s Tumblr.

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Why Tumblr?

Why indeed? Well here are a few reasons you should pay attention to Tumblr in your online marketing:

  1. It ranks 8th among social media platforms around the world, according to Statista.
  2. It has 345 million registered users (as of April 2017)
  3. 738 million unique visitors
  4. Most users are from the United States
  5. In January 2018, Tumblr recorded a cumulative total of 391.9 million posts from its founding in May 2011.

Now, that may not necessarily be as strong as some other platforms (certainly not close to Facebook’s 2 billion), but what’s important here is substance over form. Just because Tumblr doesn’t have as many users, doesn’t mean you should not pay attention to.

Tumblr’s users are active, which often can’t be said for some other networks (looking at you Google +) and almost 50% of them are between 16 and 24. So if you want to approach a young audience, Tumblr is a good way to do it.

Knowing Where Your Audience Hangs Out

One of the rules of online marketing is that you need to know exactly where your target audience likes to spend its time and get information to be able to reach them. LinkedIn is for those more professionally-oriented. Pinterest‘s audience is largely female and prefers visual content, instead of long, boring text.

What can we say about Tumblr’s audience? They’re young, they’re hip and they like to have fun most of all. That means you can’t go corporate on them. You need to show that you know how to have fun and not be a stuck-up business.

How to Increase Brand Awareness on Tumblr?

Tumblr offers several ways to increase your brand awareness.

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  • Sponsored Videos

Video content was big in 2017 and it’s only going to be bigger in 2018. So if you want your campaigns to be noticed on Tumblr, you should make the most out of their sponsored video posts. For example, one major auto brand used Tumblr’s sponsored videos to boost their brand favorability by 34%.

  • Sponsored Posts

Tumblr says that 70% of its users enjoy brands more after seeing a Sponsored Post. In addition, half of the users that saw a Sponsored Post went to look the company afterward. That’s the kind of engagement you can’t scoff at.

  • Sponsored Day

Perhaps a highly-targetable and visible post or video just isn’t enough. How about using an entire Tumblr platform? Sponsored Day allows you to pin your brand logo and tagline to the top of its dashboard for whole 24 hours. This is then linked to its own tab in the Explore page, where you can show your own posts and posts from others that you’ve reblogged.

5 Tips to Use Tumblr for Your Business

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So, are you looking to earn more money for your business using Tumblr? Here are some tips that can help you with that:

  • Pay attention to the audience

Tumblr’s audience is very self-conscious and picky. They prefer humor over promotion all day long.  That’s why posts that incorporate popular memes or gifs (yes, everybody likes cat videos) tend to do better on it than just regular posts.

  • Add a human element

If you’re going to post on Tumblr, be sure to do it in a way that presents your brand in a positive light. Be human and relatable. Above all, try not to take yourself too seriously and show that you too can have fun.

  • Experiment

Play around with different types of content and see what works. Try GIFs, memes, quotes, or make a video. Take a lesson from Coca-Cola for instance and how they use the ever-popular cat GIFs to show their funny side on Tumblr.

  • Don’t try to force it

Look, you don’t have to be funny all the time. In fact, while humor works very well on it, you don’t have to act the clown on Tumblr. Especially if it doesn’t really fit your brand. Think about how your audience already perceives your brand.

  • Provide value to your audience

Don’t post on Tumblr expecting something out of nothing. The users here will be happy to engage with your content and make it viral, but only on one important condition – you need to offer them some value. For example, you can run a contest and ask users to submit their own funny videos featuring your product. Or, you can, like Chronicle Books did, ask them to submit ideas for a book.

Is Tumblr a Good Idea for Your Business?

Just because the platform is there, doesn’t mean you should automatically jump on it. Tumblr and its users can be very unique (just like Reddit for example). Before joining, think carefully if it fits your objectives, content strategy and if the audience will welcome you.

Editor’s note:

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Author Bio:

Hi, I’m Vladimir and I write content for different brands and industries and help clients engage their audience since 2011. I’ve had the pleasure to write about everything from freelancing to blogging advice and from internet security to digital marketing. I am always passionate on what I’m writing about and glad when I see that my content is helpful to someone out there. Visit my blog at Vladimir Writes and connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

4 thoughts on “How to Use Tumblr to Make More Money for Your Business

  1. Ryan Biddulph says:

    I love adding a human element to all I do Vladimir. This would work on Tumblr, and virtually all social media platforms you join. I film so many live and recorded videos for this very fact. Being human makes you easy to relate to, a big factor in running a successful online business.


  2. Umer Idrisi says:

    Wow, nice tips – I will try Tumblr now.

    I was thinking that tumblr can’t be a good business like other blogging platforms, but now thinking that it can be the good one.


  3. Moss Clement says:

    Interesting post, Vladimir. Although I’m not using Tumblr, the fact that it is the #8 top social media platform on Statista, it is worth the try. Adding human element to your content is ideal because humans love to connect with humans. So a human element will help your article resonate with your target market. Further, providing value is also a great way to make money not only on Tumblr, but on all marketing channels because the more value you provide, the more leads you generate.

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