Income Idea: The Crafts to Make and Sell for Profit Online

Income Idea_ The Crafts to Make and Sell for Profit Online

Are you talented with arts and crafts? Can you sew? Have you ever made handmade projects to give as gifts to your family and friends? If any of these apply to you, you might be able to make a nice income just by creating crafts to sell. Crafting might be your passion but it can also help support you!

If you have your own website or blog, the process to create and sell items you have crafted can be a snap. If you are new to selling online, sites like Etsy can help you to get started or you can even make yourself a Facebook business page to get rolling. Social media can be a great way to promote anything that you make and using it in tandem with other forms of advertising is wise.

Truly nice handmade items are hard to find and many people who are able to make things by hand only want to make these items for enjoyment. If you are willing to spend the time and labor to make quality items, you will probably find that you are able to make a nice profit on them! 

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Knowing which items to make is important and we have compiled a list of the crafts to make and sell for profit. Many of these items will sell the best online but there are some on the list that can even be marketed locally while also being sold online. Diverse marketing can help to launch your craft items into the foreground ahead of the competition and being able to use many different marketing methods can really set you apart.

The Crafts to Make and Sell for Profit Online

Glitter Mugs:

Buying a generic mug and dressing it up can be a great way to create charming and unique crafts without breaking the bank or testing your patience.

Glitter mugs appeal to people of all ages and can be very simple to make.

Glitter is not expensive and neither is glue.

Make sure that you start with a high-quality mug and then add sparkles and other embellishments until you have made mugs with some flair that others will love!

Embroidery Items:

If you can embroider or cross-stitch, there is a world of possibility that is open to you.

Pillows, decorative seasonal items, baby blankets, and many other crafts can be made unique and special with the addition of embroidery.

Embroidery and cross stitch are skills that are not commonly known any more and being able to create beautiful products with embroidered embellishments can make you really stand out against your competitors.

Embroidery items can be one of the best crafts to make and sell for profit.

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Painted Items:

You might only think of canvas paintings that hang on the wall when you consider painting to make money, but there are many other ways to craft items using your painting skills.

You can make lots of decorative items and crafts that will showcase your painting skills.

Bean Bags:

Popular with kids and adults who need seating in playrooms or bonus rooms, bean bags are not spendy to make.

They can be made with all kinds of different fabrics and can be customized for sports teams, holidays and even children’s themes.

Bean bags are timeless and popular no matter what time of year you are trying to sell them in.

They also sell really well at craft fairs and through local marketing options like Saturday markets.

Grow Your Own Produce:

Gardening is its own crafting opportunity that many people overlook.

If you are good at growing herbs, produce and even making honey, you can make a tidy profit selling the results of your labor to those without the means or space to grow their own food.

Saturday markets and local sellers will be happy to help you to market your products and you will be giving back to the community is an important way since you are helping create healthy meals and encourage healthy living and you can market things like honey online with ease.

Create Sculptures and Other Art From “Junk”:

Making kinetic sculptures or garden decorations with recycled materials can be a great way to make crafts while also helping to clean up items that would otherwise clutter up a landfill.

Creative re-purposing of things like scrap metal, scrap wood and even things like toilet seats can make for really unique art that strikes a chord with buyers while also helping the environment.

Hair Scrunchies:

Scrunchies have become popular again and they are really easy to make.

Even better, sell them as matched sets with headbands or shirts and shorts made from the same fabric!

Colorful and creative fabric choices, as well as embellishments, are part of making fun scrunchies and you can get really inventive with your designs.

Income Idea_ The Crafts to Make and Sell for Profit Online bird feeder

Bird Feeders:

Are you talented with a hammer and nails?

Bird feeders are always popular and practical and many homeowners will pay a pretty penny for a nice quality feeder to use in their garden.

Complicated designs are worth more than simple designs but a little paint and some personalization can make even the simplest feeder stand out.

Handmade Soap:

Soap always sells well and handmade soaps are often made to be gentle and hypoallergenic.

Pumice stone soap and loofah soaps are very popular right now as are essential oil soaps.

The ingredients for soap are very affordable and you can easily make the process efficient once you are used to it.

Soap is one of the most lucrative crafts to make and sell for profit.

Photos Transferred to Wood:

Portraits on the wood are very popular right now and the process is simple and fun.

Making unique photos that stand out by transferring to them to wood can make antiqued or country-themed photos.

These clever items make great graduation gifts, commemorative gifts or the process can even be used for wedding photos. 

Sew Stuffed Animals:

If you are good with a sewing machine, you can make darling and sweet stuffed animals that can bring joy to children.

Baby teething blankets are always very popular as well and are quick and easy to make.

Making stuffed animals that have your own personal stamp on them is key and once you have created your own style, you will be able to sell your stuffed animal with ease!

Knit Gloves and Scarves:

Hand knitted items are always sought after and everyone loves a cozy pair of gloves or a warm scarf!

These items sell particularly well during the holiday season and are inexpensive to ship if you want to sell online.

Creative designs bring more money and being skilled enough to work with designer yarns can really turn your work into something that is in high demand.

Knitted items are one of the most profitable crafts to make and sell for a profit online.

Wind Chimes:

There is nothing more peaceful than a windchime chiming in the breeze.

There are lots of ways to make windchimes and finding a unique style and sound for your wind chimes can help to make yours stand out from others on the market.

Beach themed chimes are always very popular but there are many other styles that sell well.

Make Travel Videos:

Do you have the freedom to travel and video the places that you have been to?

Travel blogging is a legitimate way to earn very good money and the making of videos is an art in itself.

For those who can edit and create travel content that is engaging and informative, you can travel and support yourself which doing what you love.

Here is a great article about making money while you travel.

Baby Teethers:

Teethers are super easy to make as you only need to buy the teething ring and then you can craft any kind of attachment to make holding onto the ring easier.

Cloth, string and even yarn can make ideal teething ring attachments.

Teethers that are beautiful and unique or themed sell really well and can set you apart.

Handmade Jewelry:

Jewelry is always popular and it is easy to make once you know some tips and tricks.

There are so many styles of jewelry that can serve as crafts to make and sell for profit and you can make any and all of them.

Jewelry can be a bit expensive on the supply end of things but once you have made some products, you will find that you can sell them for good money and reimburse yourself for your original costs.

Sugar Scrubs:

Sugar scrubs, like soaps, are easy to make and are always a crowd-pleaser.

Essential oils scrubs always sell well and having clever or unique packaging can help give you an extra edge.

Scrubs are healthy and can even be marketed to local businesses like salons and other places that provide health and beauty services.

Handmade Purses:

Purses and travel bags are not that hard to make and having unique and creative purses and bags for sale can be a great way to earn some extra income.

Fabric handbags are all the rage right now and often sell like hotcakes.

Sewing is not a common skill so being able to make items like these will set you up to be head and shoulders above mass-produced items that are for sale.

Handmade Aprons:

Aprons are always very popular with women and men of all ages.

They can be made from any fabric and be embellished with ruffles, fabric paint, and many other forms of personalization.

Jeans aprons are super popular at this time and they make adorable and unique aprons.

These items sell like hotcakes on Etsy and Facebook and are a great way to get started crafting with your sewing skills.

Baby Blankets:

Baby items always sell well and it is fun to pick out fabrics and create items that you know will brighten the lives of families and the babies who use them.

Nothing feels better than making a baby happy and comfortable and creating baby blankets can give that gift to everyone who buys them from you.

Income Idea_ The Crafts to Make and Sell for Profit Online self publishing

Self Publish A Book:

If your crafting skills are with the written word, you can self-publish your stories or poems on many platforms.

Amazon is the best platform to sell your books but you can also sell print copies at local events or through your website.

Books are one of the best crafts to make and sell for profit, even if it is not immediately obvious that they are actually crafts.

Make Online Content:

Video content is an art in itself.

If you are good at making video content, there are many avenues for selling items and yourself with that content.

Online survey sites often open up opportunities to make video content for money and this can launch you on the road to success making content for a living.

Design Ads or Book Covers:

Being able to make unique ad copy or creative and unique book covers for both print and E-books can be a great way to make really good money through crafts.

Book covers can sell for hundreds of dollars if they are custom made and many companies will pay freelancers really good money to create ad copy for them per job.

Where to Sell Your Items

If you have gotten some interest in your products and you want to connect them with a bigger market than can be found with your family and friends, you can sell your items in many different ways.

Etsy and Facebook can provide a great means to sell your crafts but perhaps the best place to showcase them besides your own website or blog is Amazon.

Find more information about selling products online in this handy article.

Build your local audience by attending craft fairs and other local public events. You can also donate your crafts to fundraisers or local charities.  You can even give crafts to competitive events for prizes.

If you have a newsletter you can share new products with your followers so that they can be the first to order your new releases.

This is particularly true of books. Make sure that your loyal readers can find you anywhere and pick up your books without any struggle at all.

If you are creating digital content and video content, you might explore selling yourself on job boards and sharing sites as well as shopping for jobs on sites like Upwork or Fiverr.

Getting linked up with clients through job boards and freelancer sites can lead to long term relationships that will last for years.

If you get established enough, you might even be able to set up your own job board site and help other freelancers to find their perfect jobs!


In time past, many families made handcrafted items to help support their family’s needs.

While it is not necessary to do so now, crafting can be a great creative outlet and can also make you some extra money to put into your savings account.

Additionally, if you love creating items, crafting can be a great way to give back to others.

If you pick a crafting item that you really enjoy making, you will not even feel like you are working when you are making money!

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