How To Make Money Selling Stuff You Don’t Want

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Have you ever heard the old saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” Although there are quite a few ways that you can make some money, pretty quickly, one that is the most common is selling things around the house that you don’t want.

Let’s face the facts. We all shop, and we all buy stuff that we don’t really need or use. Sometimes, we have stuff that sits, collects dust, and a couple years later, we come to the conclusion that we wasted our money. But all isn’t lost. In this post, we give you a few ways that you can make money selling stuff you don’t want.

Selling on Amazon

Amazon is a great resource that you can use to make money selling stuff you don’t want. More specifically, they focus on books and electronics, as those are the hottest selling products in their marketplace. Depending on the condition of the stuff you want to sell, there is a good chance that Amazon will accept it and it’ll sell very quickly. Amazon LOVES it when their customers have stuff to sell because it equates to more revenue for the company.

The next step beyond selling on Amazon would be setting up your own store. You can learn about how to do that here.

And, by the way, Amazon is not just for selling. You can get free gift cards from Amazon if you want. Find out how here.

Goodwill & Thrift Shops

make money selling stuff you don’t want

Another great way to make money selling stuff you don’t want is to simply take it to your local Goodwill, thrift shop or Salvation Army store.  Of course, this isn’t a digital resource such as Amazon or Ebay, so just about anything that you can lay your hands on can be sold in these stores.

Another great thing about Goodwill, Salvation Army stores, and thrift shops is that they offer the option of making donations. If you don’t believe one of your possessions has a monetary value that’s worth it, you can simply donate it and one of these stores will take it off your hands. No hassle, no sweat.

Selling on Ebay

make money selling stuff you don’t want

Easily, eBay is the most common way to make money selling stuff you don’t want. Just about anything in the world, that’s legal, you can buy on eBay. The great thing about eBay is that you actually have buyers who are willing to pay for something regardless if the condition isn’t up to par.

A great tip to making some quick cash is to do some market research the price points of which your product has sold in the past, or is currently selling at. Once you find that particular price point, simply price your item accordingly, or maybe even undercut the current price of other sellers. Ebay elaborates on this as well as a few other tips in their article at:

Facebook Garage Sale Groups

make money selling stuff you don’t want

Indeed, this is a newer and more creative way to make money selling stuff you don’t want. Not too many people know that there are Facebook groups for garage sales in their local areas. And guess what? If you don’t find one, you can create one!

Nowadays, just about everyone has a smartphone, and most people have a Facebook account. Did you know that the #1 popular app of all time is Facebook? You can verify this in the article at: That being said, at the push of a button, you can instantly get the word out to all of your local family members and friends that you have a garage sale up and running.

You may want to keep this resource in your back pocket. Garage sales fail because they don’t have enough people coming to check out your stuff. Garage sale groups on Facebook is a secret weapon. A cheat code, if you will.


There you have it – four easy and proven ways that you can make money selling stuff you don’t want. All the stuff that you have laying around the house doesn’t necessarily have a low, monetary value. Even though we may think of it as trash, that isn’t always the case. Put a couple of your used items up for sale. Try out these methods. You will be amazed and you’ll find that you can very easily turn your “trash” into treasure.

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