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Make Money Writing Online Using These 2 Web Sites

Make Money Writing Online Using These 2 Websites

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Most people don’t think that the ability to make money writing online is possible. Heck, most people don’t think making money online is possible at all.

Yet while those people are off being nonbelievers, there are people silently accruing significant cash online by doing simple tasks, one of them writing.

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Yes, it’s very much possible to write whenever you want, on your own watch to earn easy cash online.

So, if you’re watching TV and want to do some writing during the commercials or for the times you find yourself bored and want to do something constructive, writing for cash online is a perfect fit for the situation.

Now, before we continue, if it isn’t obvious, I’m a big advocate for blogging. And at the core of blogging is writing. So should you eventually want to, you can also check more into blogging to see what that entails as another awesome way to make money online. You can check out my free Blogging and Traffic Primer Course, as well as my premium more advanced Blogging and Traffic Masterclass.

There are two web sites in particular that make it very easy for you to earn online. I’m going to go over both sites and explain the easiest way to get started and earn with them.


IWriter is a great web site. It lets you sign up and when you do, you take a short language test to make sure you can write in English decently. From there, you will be shown a giant directory of “open jobs”, basically people who need content for their web sites will post jobs and ask for articles to be written on certain topics.

Each job has a description of the topic, how many words they want, and other instructions. You can pick articles as short as 150 words, and many of those pay out as much as $3.00. You can also choose longer article length like 500-2000 words, for higher payouts.  Once you submit your article for review, the job poster can either approve it, ask for an edit or flat out reject it. Over time you’ll get a rating and as your rating goes up, you can command higher payouts for an article. Plus, if a job poster likes you, he can make you one of his favorite writers and keep hiring you for repeat work- of course, only when you feel like it!

If you have decent writing skills, it’s very easy to earn on this site. There are people who have earned six figures every year simply writing articles on this site! You can keep it as a side hustle or expand out and do even more.


Upwork is a bit different than IWriter, as Upwork is a general freelancing site. This means that it’s a marketplace connecting freelancers of many different skills with people who require their services. The types of things one can get freelancers for on Upwork is writing, proofreading, voice-overs, graphic design, web design, customer service, and even virtual assistant positions, managers, the list goes on.

One of the easiest ways to earn on this site is to become a writer. Similarly to IWriter, people post jobs up and you can apply to them and earn money for completing them. The difference is that on Upwork, the work can be for a certain number of hours or writing projects every week for the same customer. For example, as opposed to completing 3 articles and making $25 like on IWriter, an employer and you may negotiate to have you work 25 hours a week for them at $15 per hour. However, there will also still be jobs like IWriter where people will request a set project like 10-20 articles on a certain topic.

It’s totally up to you which jobs you want to take based on your schedule and comfort level.

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So, as you can see, there are two very good options here to get going and start to make money writing online. You can even scale this up and make significantly more- as mentioned, many earn a full-time income writing online!

If you want another easy way to earn online, you might want to check out the 5 top survey sites that pay or the 5 best survey apps that pay.

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