This is my reading list. It will be expanded with time, including books I have already read and books on my to do list. These books help with mind set, productivity, making money strategies and business ideas. If you want to improve in any of these areas these can really help you. I’m very open to recommendations so you can always contact me about something if you want me to add it to the list!

Disclaimer: Some of these books may contain affiliate links. These are all books I have read or have bought and plan to read. I wouldn’t recommend anything that I wouldn’t read myself or wouldn’t help you tremendously. The reason I added affiliate links is because not maximizing my profits would be stupid. 

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Status: Finished Reading It

My take: I think this is a book everyone should read. It opens your mind to seeing that success is not always a straight path of going to college, trying to find a job and rising through the corporate ladder. If you think outside the box, you can accomplish even bigger things. This book gives you the eye-opening paradigm shift you need to start seeing the opportunities to succeed out there and become wealthy without a classroom.

The Millionaire Within

Status: Finished Reading It

This book was written by E. Brian Rose, one of the founders of a popular affiliate network online. I actually read this book on the plane down to one of his marketing events in Orlando. It was so weird, because I just finished the last page of the book as I pulled up to the hotel- and when I look up, I see him walking out of the hotel doors. So weird. The book explains all the ups and downs he went through to become a successful entrepreneur- all the things that failed and how he kept going until he was finally successful. It’s a great read to get your mind set for action taking to the fullest and seeing the bigger picture of success.

The 4 Hour Work Week

Status: About halfway through

This book explains how anyone can become part of the “new rich” by taking advantage of the internet and having a company that you can run remotely with the help of foreign virtual assistants to do most of the work for you at astronomically low rates. It’s great knowledge of ways to earn that most people who have not read this book do not know about. It’s refreshing and different, and lines up perfectly with my current perspective of action taking and effective ways to work for yourself and earn a full or part time income while working remotely from anywhere.

Think and Grow Rich

Status: Haven’t started it

Think and Grow Rich came recommended to me from a lot of people. I have the copy sitting on my desk and plan to read it next. The general premise involves masterminding with others as the key to success. I know this works because I’ve masterminded with many people and it always leads to a more complete picture since most people means more perspectives that you may not have thought of yourself. I’m really excited to get started with this one.

Guerrilla Marketing

Status: Haven’t started it

This book is all about super effective, aggressive marketing. While that isn’t necessarily my style, it’s important to study everything you can that’s even a little bit related to what you like and what you’re trying to do. Plus, the author, was one of the original guys who worked on Tony the Tiger. He’s a very successful marketer so hearing what he has to say is not thrown away knowledge whatsoever.

The Richest Man In Babylon

Status: Haven’t started it

This book is all about managing your finances. One person told me what some of it was about- basically have different bank accounts to ration things off. I ration a portion of my profits immediately into a different account for taxes, and it works great. That’s why I picked up the book and want to read it to see everything else it can teach me about managing and growing my finances that most people don’t know or don’t want to know.