Hi there. My name is Stefan and I am the founder of Action Taking Blogger! Welcome to the site.

To get you up to speed fast, basically I’m a former engineer that worked in corporate America who now earns a full time living through various income streams on the internet.

The goal of this blog is to help you achieve more out of your life in the areas of achieving goals, improving your financial situation, financial freedom, becoming more motivated, getting more out of life, and even become a full time entrepreneur.

So that means my posts will have everything from ways to save money while shopping, to earning a few extra bucks online, to setting amazing goals and achieving them, to resources and steps needed to become a full or part time entrepreneur.

Helping You Navigate The Site

I hope this page helps you navigate the site and go where you need to go.

Enjoy your stay and I hope this content helps you take action and achieve your goals!