The [ULTIMATE] Pinterest Traffic Guide: How I Have Driven 1,000,000 Organic Pinterest Visitors and Counting!

ultimate pinterest traffic guide!

That’s right! I have driven over 1,000,000 visitors using totally free, organic Pinterest traffic and methods!

pinterest traffic

The best part? Pinterest boosts your social signals, which helps lead to a ton more traffic from other sources too…

pinterest traffic guide

This was something that started off as an experiment for me a long time ago. I started a blog and wanted to find ways to drive traffic. I saw how important driving traffic was- in my mind, everyone knew how to get a store, blog, website, landing pages, funnel set up…that’s the easy part. The hard part is, how do you get traffic to it?

Now, one of my blogs gets over 1,000+ visitors a day organically, without any paid ads…and I’m scaling to multiple websites.

Naturally, the next step was to write this epic blog post to give people the steps they need to start growing their business! So, I give you, the Ultimate Pinterest Traffic Guide! Feel free to share with anyone you believe this can help – in fact, I encourage it, let’s share this information to help as many people as we can.

Pinterest Traffic? Really?

Yes! As you’ll see here in my ultimate Pinterest traffic guide, Pinterest is a monster of a traffic platform and if you know the right techniques, it can be turned into a passive traffic and leads machine, bringing you constant floods of traffic and leads to your website.

You see, most people think Pinterest is about cute pictures of puppies and pinning recipes. That’s a big part of it…but…it’s so much more. 

The basic idea is the same as a cork board in your kitchen…perhaps you name it “recipes” and pin recipes to it. Pinterest is a digital version of that. You create boards with names of your choice…and digitally “pin” content to it. The cool part if you can add your own pins and content…and pin other people’s pins to your boards for a unique mix. 

And, other people can pin your pins as well.

So why is this powerful? Simple… when people CLICK your pins…they go to…anywhere you want? Your site, landing page, product page, Youtube channel… awesome, right?

pinterest marketing infographic

This guide will give you an overview of why Pinterest is so powerful, how it can help you, and then some playbook techniques you can use to start getting results from Pinterest right now.

Who Can Benefit From Pinterest Traffic?

Fair question.

Pinterest will work for just about anyone with any business, as I said, it’s actually a LOT more than a site to pin cute pictures of dogs…(even though it’s good for that, too!)

Pinterest Traffic WORKS For Just About Any Type of Business…

  • Coaches
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Service Providers
  • Agencies
  • Course Vendors
  • Bloggers
  • Consultants
  • E-Commerce Stores
  • Niche Sites
  • Influencers
  • Small Businesses

To grow in various ways that most businesses want…

Generate a constant flow of traffic and leads: Pinterest is extremely powerful for driving traffic and leads from Pinterest to your websites, landing pages and funnels. These days, paid traffic does work but driving free visitors to get free leads proves harder and harder to do with most traffic sources. With Pinterest and some tweaks which also bring in more traffic from Google, I’ve generated over 1.2 million pageviews, at the time of writing this, to just one of my sites.

It’s very possible to generate hundreds to thousands of pageviews to your website daily: With Pinterest, there’s no way to guarantee a set number of visitors by a set time. However, there’s people generating thousands and often 10,000+ visitors per day with Pinterest. My record was over 20,000 visitors in a single day.

Pinterest traffic can be broken down to a science: The way I do Pinterest (and the way the most successful people do Pinterest) requires a specific set of ways to generate traffic. This is a huge advantage! It means if you follow the system, you are going to see scale-able, predictable and even outsourceable growth from Pinterest.

It is easily the best social media platform for free traffic: I’ve tested just about all of the main social media platforms. When it comes to fast, free and scale-able traffic without paying, Pinterest is by far the best one. It’s also great for brand awareness in addition to just traffic and leads. I love knowing that no matter what project I start, I will be able to grow it by understanding Pinterest strategies.

No matter what project I start, I know Pinterest will be one of my first sources for visitors and getting the word out: If you’re in a position where you’ve got a business and your biggest problem is exposure: more traffic, leads and brand exposure/awareness…then you haven’t tried Pinterest yet. Pinterest is awesome because I know no matter what business I start I can use Pinterest to get eyeballs to my website!

And yes, it works in most major niches…

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Online Marketing
  • Business
  • Food/Cooking
  • Lifestyle Niches
  • Do It Yourself
  • Shopping
  • Holiday Gift Ideas
  • Ideas For All Major Holidays/Events
  • Just about anything else you can think of

Wow! That’s Amazing, Ok, But How Does It Work? Is The Traffic Really Free?

I know, right? It IS amazing.

The way it works is… Pinterest is a social media platform in which people share “pins” (images, and now videos too) to “boards”. Think of a cork board with the title “Recipes” in your kitchen that you “pin” recipes to. It’s the same concept but digital.

The tool thing is people share your pins and they can be seen by thousands and thousands of people. And, some will click on the pin, and go to whatever link you want! Your website, landing page, etc.

Here’s an example of what it looks like to upload your pin. You can see that you have the option to add the pin image, and link that it goes to when people click it.

pinterest marketing tutorial

As you can see, you can do this and I’m sure your head is already turning with all sorts of ideas of the different types of pins you can upload that can help lead traffic back to your website.

Pinterest is a massive website, and the average user has a high median income. There are many big benefits to using Pinterest, but you have to know the right way to use it.

But Do A Lot of People Actually Use Pinterest?

Oh, SO many people! And yes, they have money!

According to Hootsuite, Pinterest is the third largest social media platform with over 335,000,000 active users and growing daily…

And there are over 2 billion searches done every single month!

Not to mention, the average Pinterest user has more money to spend than other platforms… and it’s a totally unique and powerful platform combining SEO and social media. It’s truly like nothing else out there.

Oh, and it’s a content discovery platform. It’s actually MADE for people to find your stuff, and come discover you. 

Now’s the time to start harnessing the power of Pinterest.

So yes, what you’re thinking is correct…this blog post came just in time 😀

Ok- So How Do I Get Started?

This wouldn’t be much of an ultimate Pinterest traffic guide if I didn’t give you the exact steps you need to take…

So, let’s go over the exact steps you need to take to get started. And yes, anyone can (and should) do this!


Ok, so before you jump right on the Pinterest traffic bandwagon, there’s one thing you need to have which is somewhere to actually DRIVE traffic to…

So, you should ideally have your own website, blog, store, or core website, that you can connect to Pinterest and have as your main website connected to the Pinterest business account…

However, at minimum, you should have at least ONE of the following:

  • A website
  • A blog
  • A store
  • A landing pages
  • Another social media channel
  • A landing page
  • An affiliate link
  • A funnel
  • Basically, somewhere you can actually drive traffic to!

If you don’t have this yet, I recommend checking out my blog post How To Insert and Profit from Pinterest Affiliate Links.

If you do, awesome! You can move on 😀

Step 1: Create a Pinterest Business Account

The first step is pretty simple. You’ll want to simply create a Pinterest Business Account.

pinterest business account

Step 2: Find The Leader(s) In Your Niche

The next step is pretty simple- but most people miss this step. We need to take a look at some of the competition….

You do this by going to the search engine and typing in your topic:

Make sure your search by account:

pinterest seo

Take note of the board names they have and pins. Jot down some that model them, but do not blatantly copy them.

Step 3: Fill In Your Profile & Connect Your Site

This is pretty easy. Just go to edit profile, connect your site, and be sure to fill in your profile with a nice looking thumbnail image, your title with 2-3 relevant keywords, and a nice keyword rich description…(use the digging you used in the step above).

Use the “claim” tab to verify your site as well.


Step 4: Set Your Boards and Initial Pins

From there, you’ll want to fill it in with 10 boards, and 10 pins.

This is pretty simple…

create pinterest board

Use SEO and check your competition like we did 2 steps ago.

Go to the search bar, and then add in relevant pins from competitors to the boards of your choice. Make sure that your pins are relevant to the boards you pin them to.

how to pin on pinterest

This is to fill in our profile and make it have great information about what our main topic is. Don’t worry about sharing competitor’s information, this is actually how the whole platform works, and part of what makes it so powerful. Plenty of people are going to be sharing your pins, too!

Step 5: Create Awesome Pins

Now is the time to create awesome, high quality pins, that will be added to your Pinterest account.

These pins will be found in search, people will click them, and people will also pin them to their own Pinterest profile, for all of their followers to see and share as well. That’s the idea. The more pins you create, the more all of said things will happen. However, your pins can’t suck. They have to be nice. 

To make awesome pins, I use Canva. Canva has a ton of amazing Pin templates available for you right off the bat…so easy that anyone without any graphics experience can create awesome pins.

You can type in “Pinterest pin” and find a ton of available templates that you can edit without any skills… Just click and edit!

canva pinterest pin

Pinterest prefers tall pins, with dimensions as shown in the next image. Canva comes ready with the 2:3 configuration, and in general a taller pin just means more “screen real estate” as people are scrolling. This means that your pin has a higher chance of getting seen.

pinterest pin dimensions

Step 6: Try Video Pins

You can also create video pins, and should include some among all of your pins. You can use Canva premium to make awesome video pins!

These are also available as standard templates. There’s a ton of really cool existing videos in Canva, but you can also upload your own (as like as you have rights to them!)

pinterest options canva


Step 7: Pinterest Descriptions & SEO

Pinterest, much like Google, is a search engine. You can set up pins in Pinterest so that they are optimized to that when someone types in a certain keyword, your pin can arrive at the top of the search results!

Take this quick example. Someone searches for “dog necklace”. See all the options that come up? This is a targeted person searching, and you can set your pins up to be right there when someone in your target demographic is ready to buy.

pinterest seo dog necklace

Here’s another example, typing in “how to lose 10 pounds”.

pinterest seo health

Imagine being able to put out tons of pins getting in front of these people? And this is just one of the ways Pinterest works so amazingly for traffic.

You can set your pins to be optimized to rank for a variety of keywords very easily.

To find keywords, all you need to do is type in a seed keyword to the search, and a bunch of suggested keywords will pop up, like this:

Once you have found a variety of keywords, make sure you upload your pin using this screen:

pinterest marketing tutorial

Fill in your description to use as much of the allotted character limit as possible, with a nice description, using as many different, related keywords as you possibly can. 

Then, simply, rinse and repeat 🙂 The more pins, the more traffic!

Step 8: Consistency is Key- Leverage Automation

This is probably the most important section of my Pinterest traffic guide.

There’s a powerful software called Tailwind. (This is an affiliate link). This software has a ton of powerful features to help you scale your Pinterest traffic, and is one of the main secret weapons the top Pinterest traffic generators use in their toolbelt.

You can use it to schedule your pins out ahead of time:

tailwind scheduler

They even have a plugin you can use to schedule pins right from Pinterest:

tailwind plugin

pinterest traffic schedule

Automation will allow you to add in multiple pins at once, meaning you can essentially automate a month or more’s worth of traffic in one sitting. If you want to scale, this is definitely a must. 

Step 9: Tribes For More Traffic

One of the main features inside Tailwind, that makes it so powerful, is Tailwind Tribes. These are basically little groups where people share each other’s pins with each other’s audiences. So someone can choose to share your pin from the tribe, and that pin links to your email list signup or your blog post… wherever you like. (Even affiliate links are currently allowed at the time of writing this!)

You will be sharing some stuff from other people too, so might as well share from people in tribes, who will return the favor and share your pins with their audience. This will get you guaranteed traffic.

Take a look at this example here:

This is just one tribe I’m part of. These are my results from participating in the tribe:

tailwind tribes

In this tribe, I’ve personally received 630 re-shares, which means I’ve had my pins re-shared by the tribes 630 times. Then, in turn, 126 re-pins, meaning the shares generated from the tribe mates sharing with THEIR audiences… hence the viral effect. So shares lead to more and more shares…part of what makes Pinterest so amazing.

The result? 4 MILLION reach!! This is just from one tribe. Participating in this tribe has allowed me to reach millions of people. Keep in mind you can join many tribes depending which Tailwind plan you are on.

You can find tribes in just about all niches:

tailwind tribes niches


Amazing, right? And you can make your own tribes as welll:

tailwind tribes create your own

You should aim to utilize tribes every single week to get a boost in traffic. Pin relevant stuff to your boards and add your own pins in there too.

Step 10: Observe Growth

From here, keep adding more pins, keep pinning consistently…automate, and observe which pins do best. You have analytics in the top left hand corner of Pinterest:

pinterest analytics

Check out with pins are doing the best:

pinterest analytics top pins

From there, iterate your pinning. Focus more on the stuff that your audience likes best. This will drive your average clicks and shares per pin up over time, and really build your traffic 🙂

Perfect for growing your audience, building your list, and of course, landing more clients and more sales. Who doesn’t want that from mostly passive, free traffic on a platform that actually WANTS people to find you?!

The cool thing about Pinterest is it’s a platform all about pinning, or basically, “sharing” other people’s information. For example, you can “pin” something to a Pinterest board, others can see it, and share it to their own profile’s followers. If they have 2,000 followers, every time they pin something of yours, it will be there available for their 2,000 followers to see it.

This is part of the reason Pinterest pins can go viral and bring you so much traffic in such a short time. It’s virality is huge and easy to tap into. The more pins you put up on Pinterest, the better results you’ll have… and you can keep replacing more of the types of pins that brought the best results. This is part of how you scale Pinterest traffic big.

Here’s a look at one of my websites:

pinterest traffic guide

You can see here, over 1.1 million visitors from social traffic (almost all Pinterest) and over 250,000 SEO (search engine) visitors.

Pinterest actually helps you rank higher in Google because all the sharing of your content on Pinterest creates “social signals” and tells Google that the content is popular because it is being shared, and to rank it higher.

You can see the combination of Pinterest traffic and the SEO traffic it also brings is very powerful. I’m sure you will find 1.5+ million free visitors very beneficial to your website/business, right?  ?

Summing my Ultimate Pinterest Traffic Guide Up…

You’re nearing the end of my ultimate Pinterest traffic guide!

I can’t tell you how many people have said to me “I tried Pinterest and it didn’t work”. When I take a look, their profile is horribly filled out, or their pinning strategy is terrible. If you do it right, you will be in the top 5% of pinners and reap the rewards for the traffic, leads, branding and exposure you’re looking for.

So here’s some quick tips to smashing Pinterest for traffic, leads, branding, and exposure:

  • Make sure your profile is filled out with a picture, description and link to your site
  • Have lots of relevant boards and pins on your profile
  • Try to aim to pin consistently!
  • Use Canva to make your pins, make them 1500 height x 1000 wide pixels
  • Be consistent. Use a scheduler.
  • Participate in Tailwind Tribes
  • Scale up and outsource

You made it to the end of my Ultimate Pinterest Traffic Guide post! Woohoo! Now What?

Congratulations! You finished by ultimate Pinterest traffic guide! First off, if you can share with with as many people as you can… I’d appreciate it.

Pinterest, in my opinion, is an under-utilized traffic source and is so powerful. It can help people just starting out that may not want to delve into paid ads right away, or even help those who are looking to make their business safer by diversifying onto a new traffic source.

So, the more people we can get this Pinterest traffic guide to, the better.

From here, you can check out a few of my blog posts:

Want more help with Pinterest marketing?

I hope you enjoyed my ultimate Pinterest traffic guide! I look forward to hearing about your Pinterest success 🙂


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