How to Use Social Media to Boost SEO

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In this digitally oriented world, the influence of social media has become somewhat of a staple in our everyday lives. It is the medium through which we gain information, communicate with friends and share our own experiences.

So this begs the question of how social media helps SEO. There is much debate as to whether the search engine algorithms add weight to social media sites and whether the social media account has any direct influence on rankings.

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What can be said though is that social media is a great way to build rapport and reach a wide variety of people. Because of this, social media is not so much about the specific page ranking but more about how it helps to increase the value of the ranking signals that search engines pay attention to.

Link Earning

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Link earning is highly valuable because it can gain multiple links from a single piece of content. The ability for a page to earn links is significantly influenced by the number of subscribers and visitors it gets. This is where social media is so powerful.

Because virtually everyone has a social media profile of some sort (most likely Facebook or LinkedIn) it is incredibly easy to reach people. Each person is likely to have hundreds, and some even thousands, of connections providing a medium for content promotion.

The more that people you know interact and engage with the content, the greater the reach becomes as people outside of your own network are now exposed to the media.

While it depends on the platform, gaining hundreds of likes, comments or shares is often enough to earn links. One of the most valuable platforms is LinkedIn as it provides a clear-cut measure as to the quality and relevance of the content with the engagement likely to be of high quality.

As your content receives engagement, the likelihood of another content creator seeing it and citing it increases. Thus, it earns links, and this has a positive impact on SEO.

‘Front of Mind’

According to The Marketing Folks, regular and high-quality content will mean that people will want to engage with it. When people are constantly reading your content and enjoying it, they want to not only tell other people about it, but it is often ‘front of mind’.

This means that the brand will receive mentions on other posts and in other content, building up brand equity and creating more links. Increased mentions across the internet, in what is often relevant and quality content, means that the sites co-citation and co-occurrence metrics are increased, benefitting the businesses SEO through improved ranking.

Brand Authority

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Social media has become its own medium for information, news, and communication. This means that there is a high rate of engagement in posts that friends like and comment on, and increased exposure to brands.

Brands that are creating quality content that appeals to their target market are going to increase their engagement and click-through-rates. Greater exposure to the brand again means that it is at the front of people’s minds.

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Improved brand authority can lead to people searching for a specific brand or item in the search engines improving the search rate for the brand. Improved click-through rates from search is another key factor in the search engine algorithm, and things such as bounce-rate and sessions are also accounted for.

The more time that users are spending on the website, the greater the sites score and therefore it’s ranking. Social media can help to build brand authority leading to more searches and a higher click-through rate, all of which improve a websites SEO.

The hardest part is getting started.

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2 thoughts on “How to Use Social Media to Boost SEO

  1. Anil Agarwal says:

    Hey Stefan,

    This is yet another wonderful post. Today, social media plays a significant role in our daily lives not just as marketer, but as normal users too. I don’t think I can stay a whole day without checking Facebook and Twitter, and I won’t how boring our lives would have been without those networks.

    Now, in the marketing side of it, social media has also become a significant part of our online marketing in general, I’ve seen people making thousands of dollars a month from social media alone.

    And on the SEO aspects of it, it does help in search engine optimization too. Even though Matt Cutts, formal head of web spam in Google publicly stated some time ago that social media has no direct correlation with search engine optimization, but various studies have also shown that it does impact SEO.

    For example, a post that is massively shared on the social media also have a good possibility of attracting lots of backlinks, which of cause, helps in boosting ranking.

    Therefore, putting more efforts into building your authority in social media will definitely impact your SEO directly or indirectly, eventually.
    You made a lot of valid points here Stefan, thanks a bunch for sharing.

  2. Emenike Emmanuel says:

    Hello Stefan,

    Aside brand awareness, brand recall and sophisticated ads targeting options that social media work so well in, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone trying to build his ranking of business.

    Thank for sharing.


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