As of December 2017, ActionTakingBlogger is accepting guest posts from bloggers looking to build their online portfolio.

If you are a blogger, with or without your own site, you are welcome to guest post for ActionTakingBlogger.

As the blog grows bigger and bigger, I am happy to allow other bloggers to become contributors.

It is a mutual benefit: as you can get a backlink to your website and exposure to a large audience, and I get high-quality content.

But let’s be clear,

I’m only accepting HIGH-QUALITY.

No fluff content is allowed on the blog, and I don’t accept business-related posts.

While you can guest post for free, sponsored posts and advertisement must go through a different channel.

Please follow the guidelines below to make sure your guest post pitches are taken into consideration.

Guest Post Pitching Guidelines:

  • Please do use “guest post for ActionTakingBlogger” as your email subject line. While I appreciate your effort to get me to open your email, I’d rather not mark it read before even opening it just because I didn’t understand what was the email about.
  • Include in your email your name and the blog you are writing for. If you own or write regularly for that blog, your guest post will be taken into consideration. If you are pitching me on behalf of a business, please don’t.
  • Your email should contain at least three topics that our target audience may be interested in. I’ll give the list of topics we accept later below.
  • If you have already written a guest post, only send it to me after you make sure that it meets the writing guidelines.

Guest Post Writing Guidelines:

  • Your blog post must be, at least, 1000 words. Anything less than that will not be accepted¬†unless you have a good argument for that.
  • There is no maximum word count. Except that I will make sure that it is not full of fluff content just to increase the word count. Say what you want to say in as few words as possible.
  • Use short paragraphs in your article. I don’t want to read essays online.
  • Use Heading 1 for your title and subheadings (H2, H3…) to separate sections of your article.
  • I appreciate the use of a couple of images per post. Preferably royalty-free or images you own the credit for.
  • Include external links to RELEVANT content. Don’t include links just to your blog, one is enough. The rest of the external links should be to authority websites that have relevant content to your guest post.
  • No affiliate links, shortened URLs, direct links to businesses.
  • Self-promotional guest post pitches won’t even hear back from me. Your article should show your expertise.

Topics We Accept:

  • Make Money Online: if you have insight on how to make money online, I would love to read and publish your article.
  • Blogging tips: Anything that will help the audience become better at blogging is appreciated.
  • Social Media Marketing: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social platform.
  • Search Engine Optimization: You have anything about SEO and the art of linkbuilding? I accept those.
  • Traffic Generation: Anything about driving traffic to a blog, whether new or old, is welcomed.
  • Tutorials & Guides: You want to teach the readers something that will help them, please go ahead.

I accept other topics for guest posts, but the ones mentioned above are the most likely to be accepted. Don’t be discouraged, I’ll read email and respond accordingly.

What You Get:

  • You will get a backlink to your blog, which will inevitably help in increasing your chances of ranking higher in the search engine.
  • I will promote your content on all my social media channels.
  • You will have access to a new and wide audience.

What I Ask Of You:

  • Send me an email with your article suggestions.
  • Once we agree on a topic, write following the guidelines above.
  • Once your article is published, take time to share it and respond to comments.
  • Keep in touch.

Why Your Guest Post Pitch Was Rejected?

In case you sent me an email and your guest post was rejected, one (or many) of the reasons might be:

  • You didn’t follow the pitching guidelines.
  • You didn’t follow the writing guidelines.
  • Your topics have already been dealt with.
  • You included too many links back to your blog.
  • You included links to irrelevant and/or business blogs.
  • Other personal reasons.

If you still want to guest post on ActionTakingBlogger, please do send an email to . I’ll respond as soon as I can.